Thursday, December 9, 2010

Roll Over

Hannah had her 2 month doctors visit today. I can't believe my little baby is already 2 months old! Man time just flies. Anyway, she is 11 lbs 15 oz, so nearly 12 lbs already! She is growing strong and healthy, like a Hercules! The best part though was the doc told me I need to give her lots of tummy time. I replied that I try but she just rolls over. The doc said, no, she is too young for that, just put her on her belly. No, really, she rolls over....So the doc put her on her belly and just like a good little girl she kicked her legs a few times and rolled right over. Wow, sad the doc, she is really young to be doing that. Does she do that every time? Yep! So, tummy time is like non-existent. And I wasn't lying. Thanks Hannah for doing it right on que!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Everyone needs a cleaning lady...

Ok, so I don't have a cleaning lady persay, but a cleaning couple. And they are great! I found them on Craigslist. They are both in their 40s and this is what they do for a living...clean houses. It is so nice to look around my home and see how nice and clean it is, and the best part it, I didn't have to do it!!!! I did help out in putting things away and showing where things went, but now they know and I won't have to do that again. The house looks just great, I can't wait for Kyle to get home to see it. What a load off my shoulders! As women, we do so so so much and it just gets stressful, and not everything gets done, so delegate! I would much rather be playing with my kids or doing a Mary Kay class and earning money then on my knees scrubbing the floor, yuck! My kids loved having them over and thought they were there to play with them...haha. plus, I got to share some of the gospel with them as they are "church shopping" I see no negatives here! They will be coming every other week. And I am only paying 120 a month! Ok, well I just wanted to share since I'm so happy to have a clean house! Now on to find an assistant....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

boys vs. girls

Since I'm a master at little boys, haha, it is very different and lots of fun having a girl. However I have already noticed a major difference other then the obvious.

Eating Time

I am pretty much done nursing. Maybe it is just that fact that I only nursed Josh for 3 weeks. So, being "tied down" to nursing can be hard. I think it is great that moms do it and I know it is so healthy for mom and baby, maybe it is just my personality, but I really like having the help of other people being able to take care of baby and I don't have to do everything. Aka, I like being able to have Kyle get up and feed her at night so I can get a few more winkies....So, we are now bottle feeding Hannah. What is the difference between boys and girls then?

The boys didn't care how they got their food. As long as they got it. Hannah on the other hand, is PICKY! We tried so many different bottles. All had my pumped milk even but she wanted nothing to do with any of them. When we registered at Babies R Us they gave us a bag with different samples and coupons and stuff. We got a bottle from a company called "Born Free" I figured, why not try this one. And low and behold, she loved it!

Well, we can't use just 1 bottle all the time so I went to Walmart to get some more. Walmart didn't have them, so I tried Target. Good news: they had the bottle! Bad news: they are 10 bucks a pop!!! I only bought 3 and it was just over 30$ for the small bottles!!!! Are you kidding me! That is 2times as much as like all the other bottles. Of course she likes those! haha...

So, my little girl already has expensive taste, let's just hope she doesn't keep that with everything!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Baby Hannah

Well, sense it has been over 3 weeks I suppose I should write about Hannah's birth. I wrote briefly about it in my journal, so I figure this one should be a little more detailed...

First off, we knew we were going in Friday morning to have the baby, so I asked Kyle if he would give me my blessing Thurs. night. It was a great blessing! I was told so many things I didn't even know about myself like being an inspiration to others and always putting others before myself. I am so grateful for the priesthood and the blessings it brings. I felt much more comfortable with the day ahead. I had been nervous in not knowing if Hannah had moved from a transverse position. Anyway...

Grandma Hercules got to our house to stay with the boys around 5:45am and we took off for the hospital. We got there around 6:30am. They had me get into the buttless dress and into the bed. The nurse I had was GREAT! I loved her!!! She was so helpful and you could tell she loved what she did. I did tell her they always try to put the IV into the side of my wrist whatever vein that is, and it never works, they always have to go through my hand. She looked around and found the vein so I let her try once. It didn't go in....hhmm... just like I said.... she said it didn't roll it just clamped up. So, like I said originally she had to do it in my hand. They started the IV and put the monitors on me to feel for contractions and Hannah's heartbeat. My contractions were already coming every 5 min but not very strong. She thought I was already in early labor on my own, but I don't think so as I knew they were coming regularly for a couple days, but I also knew they weren't near strong enough. Then, they had me lay in one side and I said, baby doesn't like this side. Well a few min. later the nurse came back in saying her heart rate I said, she doesn't like this side. So, I turned over, and low and behold her heart rate came back up.

We waited for the doc to come in. I was dilated to a 3. He tried to break my water, but Hannah's head was in the way and he couldn't really get a good shot at it. So, he said he would try again around lunch time.

Kyle told the nurse that once I get dilated to a 5 I usually go pretty fast after that. I didn't remember that, so I'm glad he did. It's just getting to the 5. So we were hoping for a fast delivery since I was already at 3. They started the pitocin and we waited. I warned the nurse that for some reason my body seems to get used to the medicine really fast and I need more (it's a good thing I have never been a druggie...haha) She asked what my natural hair color was and I told her blond. She said that the anesthesiologist once told her that fair skinned, fair haired people tend to need more meds....interesting.... apparently it is a fact.

So, the pit isn't really working....I feel the contractions, but nothing crazy, maybe hurting a level 2 on a scale up to 10. They keep turning up the pit. This is going on four hours. Then with one contraction I feel a little fluid seep out. That continues with the oncoming contractions. I told the nurse, she checked me and I was still at a 3 and she couldn't tell that my water had broken. Anyway, lunch time rolls around, the doc comes back, I'm still at a 3, but my cervix was thinned. He moved Hannah's head and more water came out. He was like, Oh, your water must have broken. It was strange though because it was just little seepages, with the boys it was gushes.

They kept turning up the pit and it was starting to look like another long delivery. But around 3pm I started to feel the contractions more. So we called for the epidural so I wouldn't have to be in pain even if it was manageable. Apparently the nurse told the epi guy about my needing lots of meds because he gave me tons! He said I shouldn't need to push the button for more with the amount he was giving me. And he wasn't kidding! I literally could not move my left side. If they needed me to move Kyle had to move me. Weird feeling, but not painful! Love that! Epis don't even really hurt, I mean the worse part is when they give you the shot to numb you and that isn't even bad, maybe after giving myself a shot everyday for 9 months curred me of the fear of them, but still, worth a little pinch to be pain free the rest of the time. It was good we called the epi guy when we did too because he was about to go in for a c-section and wouldn't have been available for a while.

So we are around 3pm, I just had my epi and feeling good. I tried to get some sleep, but sleeping in a hospital is just about pointless with all the people coming in to check this or look at that. The contractions were putting pressure on Hannah, obviously, so they had me put oxygen on and she really like that. I said I felt more pressure and the nurse checked me and I was at a 6, about 20 min later I had her check again and I was at an 8. They called the doc and he was finishing up with his last 2 patients and would be over. Well I really felt the need to push not even 10 min after that and when I was checked I was completely dilated. Kyle could actually see the head with each contraction. I told them I needed to push and the doc came in, got suited up, told me to push and with just 1 contraction and 2.5 pushes she was out!!!!

Born Oct 8, 2010 at 5:41pm. 8lbs 3 oz, 20.5in. She has been my biggest baby yet! But she is beautiful and healthy. She is a great nurser and sleeps through the night, just waking up every 3-4 hours to eat. I love her so much and I am so happy she is part of our family. Welcome Hannah Mae Hercules!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Conner Milk

This post is dedicated to my sister Melanie, since she keeps asking me to post something....

I have yet to write all the details of Hannah's birth, but I will soon, I just wanted to get this little blop down first as I thought it so so funny!

I'm nursing Hannah and we have a boppy pillow. Conner always asks what Hannah is doing and I tell him she is drinking Mama milk. So, now he knows whenever Hannah is lying on that pillow she is eating. Conner loves Hannah so much and always asks to hold her. Yesterday Conner sat down and wanted to hold her. I was about to hand her to him but then he said WAIT! He jumped up and grabbed the boppy pillow and sat down. I put Hannah in his lap (he wasn't wearing a shirt at this time) Then he kind of tilts Hannah and leans toward her and says, "OK Hannah time to drink Conner Milk." hahahaha!!! I was laughing so hard and said, "Conner you don't have milk. It's only Mommies milk she drinks." He just said, Oh.... It was to funny. Hannah's 3 year old brother trying to nurse her...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

what's that?

Conner: "Here mama." Holding out his hand for me.

Me: "Thanks Conner." It takes a few tries but finally he puts something in my hand. I look at it and turn it over and just can't figure out what the little white sticky thing is and where it came from.

Me: "What is it?"

Conner: "My buger!"

haha... ewww..... Kyle started cracking up which made me laugh, which made both boys start laughing like they were all in on the whole thing! Oh man, what is next?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

oh Conner

This conversation just made me laugh for a long time and I still chuckle just thinking about it. I wanted to write it down so I wouldn't forget. 2 days ago Conner comes downstairs wearing nothing but his undies...

me: "Conner, where are your clothes?"

Conner: "I dunno mama, they just run away!"

hahaha!!!! I love hearing him talk more and more and the funny things he says!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

a scoot across the floor

I think to any pregnant women, who has kids, a clean house is just a distant memory....

I am one of those people who likes to get everything done at once and then have the rest of the day to do whatever I want. That is next to impossible while pregnant. Even my doctor has told me I need to take breaks. Just clean one room at a time with a little break in between. But this drives me nuts! Mainly because while I am "breaking" the kids have already messed up the room that I just cleaned. And then you add in being only 5 weeks away from popping out a kid and that doesn't help. She is sitting so high compared to the boys. With Joshua mostly, my pelvic bone killed all the time! Even just to lift up a leg to put on my pants would sometimes bring tears to my eyes, but with her geesh! Get out of my ribs!!! Even at the last doc appointment I had the nurse was trying to find her heartbeat down low and on the sides. It wasn't until she tried right next to my ribs that she could find it. And the nurse was like, wow, she is up high. I know! And try bending over! It has to be one of the most uncomfortable things! I have mastered the pregnancy spreading of the legs to bend over so your belly fits in between them. When it comes to picking up toys/clothes/food/etc it is the worse. Thus I have reverted to the floor scoot.... yes, I scoot across the floor and pick everything up to avoid bending over. It is a little tricky in the bedrooms as those are carpeted. But the rest of the house has laminate wood floors so it is so easy to scoot. I pull a toy box along with me first and go all around, then through the dirty clothes in a pile for Conner to put in a basket and so forth till the floor is clean. The downside, is that I have found pop tart pieces stuck to my bum later on, but I will take that compared to bending over. I'm sure it looks so funny if you were to walk in, since I'm not just staying in one area, but scooting all over. But, you gotta do what you gotta do to get the job done. Plus, the bonus is since I'm not exerting to much energy I can get multiple rooms done at once instead of having to break all the time! Yeah! Hopefully in a few more weeks this little rib-sitter will be rocking in a swing and I won't have to scoot across the floor, but until then, my bum is giving the floor a nice cleaning...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

You're starting to sound like a Mormon!

Kyle has made it through his first week and a half of school! Yeah! He seems to be really enjoying it. He gets along great with the kids. His 4th period class is a 50 min long class (like the others) but adds in 1/2hr for lunch and 1/2 for homeroom. He isn't allowed to teach during that time, so he gets to see those kids a big chunk of the day. Well, the other day during homeroom, somehow the kids got on the conversation of drinking. Kyle mentioned how he has never had a drink in his life. The kids had a hard time believing that. Then one of the kids says, "Senor Hercules, you don't drink or do drugs, man you are starting to sound like a Mormon!" hahaha... Kyle said, well now that you mention it, I am one. The same kid then says there is a Mormon who happens to be in one of Kyle's other classes. So, after class Kyle pulls the LDS kid aside and says, "I heard something about you. I hear you're a Mormon. *pause* what ward are you in?" The kid was so surprised and was like "are you Mormon too?!?!?" Anyway, I just thought it was so funny, I wanted to blog about it before I forgot. For an assignment Kyle was having the kids do, they had to write 5 sentences using a verb. One of the kids said Mr. Hercules is CALVO. (I don't know how to write the whole thing in Spanish, or I would have. I was helping input grades for Kyle as he was grading this paper and he didn't know what Calvo meant. I looked it up online and it means Bald!!! haha... this made me laugh for a long time. I thought it was pretty gutsy for a student to write in the first week of class! I think teaching will be full of interesting stories, just like being a mom!

We were invited to go swimming at a previous ward member house this morning. We had a fun time and they even had a huge backyard the kids were playing in with a swing set too. One of the other families there had a little 4 month old baby. Conner ran up to him and just stared at him for a straight 5 min. Then he turns around looks at me and says "look mama, a baby! Can we take him?" I said no and he says "please mama, can we take him?" I told him we will soon have our own baby at home and that his parents will miss him if we take him. Then he ran off and didn't look at the baby again. I hope this means he will be a great big brother! I'm sure he will be!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

stinky garage

We now live in a townhouse. We really like it! One of the rules of the community though, to keep it looking nice, is that you are not allowed to have bags of trash in front of your door anywhere or you will get fined. That is fine with me, however the trash bins are a little walk away. Especially when you are 7 1/2 months pregnant in 100+ degree weather! So, Kyle being the wonderful husband he is, usually takes the trash out. I typically tie one bag up and set it in the garage and then within 1-2 days another bag is ready to go out and he takes them both at the same time. This system has been working pretty well, until about a week and a half ago.

I was cleaning out the fridge when I remembered a fruit salad I made that didn't get all the way eaten. Well the fruit had gotten all squishy and I just can't eat squishy fruit, so I put it in the bag, tied it and set it in the garage for Kyle to take out (it was the #2 bag so I thought it would go out that day) Well, for some reason we didn't park our car in the garage so that bag sat out there for over 24 hours in the hot hot hot weather, and decided to leak its juiciness onto the garage floor.... great. Because I opened the door to the garage and just about passed out! It was so gross!!!!! I can't even describe the stench. Obviously Kyle took the trash out instantly, but the damage had been done. I tried getting a bucket with soap and water and just used a broom to clean off the cement. We aired out the garage for a few hours, and it helped, but not perfect. I bought a thick bristled brush and scrubbed it down. It's not perfect, but it is much much better. We can actually park in the garage now without gagging!. The kids ask me every day now too if we can clean out the garage because they loved running around in the water on the floor and helping scoot the water out with the broom. I'm not sure what else, if anything, there is to do to help it be back to normal. I mean, does baking soda work on cement? Anyway, it's not to bad now, and I have learned my lesson about putting squishy fruit in the trash, when, hello! we have a garbage disposal!

It has been GREAT having Kyle as a teacher. I love having a schedule to work with and having a routine. He has been leaving around 7:45am and getting home around 5:30. And he we just got the first pay check direct deposited today. I love that for us! His classes seem to be going well. He intimidated the kids on the first day, but I'm sure they will soon learn he is a goofball and they will enjoy class.

All in all, life is good. We are so blessed! We have so much to be grateful for. I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who knows each of us and knows what we need. He gives us support when we think we can't go on, and blesses us everyday. All we need to do is ask and we shall receive. In church on Sunday, our Sunday School teacher said, "life without God is a meaningless life." Amen brother! If we don't have God in our lives, what is the point? I am so grateful once again for the wonderful life He has blessed me and my family with!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

30 week pregnant!

Conner was there helping take pictures of my 30 weeks belly. He wanted to show off his belly too! I thought it was so funny!! They loved lifting up my shirt, rubbing my belly and talking to baby Hannah through my belly button. Then they lift up their shirts too. They are too funny! So, this is also a picture of Conner in his underwear. We haven't had an accident in over a week! This is a huge deal for us!! Conner did really well going number 1 in the potty, but when it came to #2 he just didn't get putting ALL of it in the potty. Some would go in, and then when he got up from his nap I would find the rest of it on the floor. Let's just say I was pretty tired of cleaning up poop!! We bought Dora stickers and told him if he went in the potty he got a sticker. He was so excited. But we still were having having accidents. Then I made up a song to the tone of one of the Dora songs. The one where they sing, "Where are we going? To the _________(wherever the episode for that day was doing)" Anyway, so I changed the words to, "where does the poop go? In the potty! Where does the poop go? In the potty! Does it go on the floor? No! Does it go on the wall? No! Does it go in our undies? No! Where does the poop go? In the potty!" And surprisingly it worked! He loves the song! I sometimes hear him signing to himself the song. haha!! But at least #2 is going in the right place now!

30 weeks and 4 days!

It's crazy how much faster this pregnancy is going! I can't believe I'm so close to holding this little girl! He room is set up and everything is ready. I feel like I haven't gotten as big for how far along I am. She seems to be long and skinny. Hopefully that means she will be a little easier to push out.... I only have about a month left of the 1 shot a day and they will switch me to a blood thinner called Heparin and that will be 2 times a day shots. So, a little more often, however the reason for the switch is they can reverse the effects of it, so if I go into labor they can make my blood back to normal. Whereas the meds I am on now they cannot reverse. It's pretty exciting that we are getting ready for delivery. I know it is still about 8ish weeks away but I'm sure it will fly by.
We are loving being in our own place again! We really like Allen, TX. The people are great, we have a great ward and getting to make new friends. If only the kids would listen and keep the house clean.... I guess that is wishful thinking. Usually it isn't to bad, I try to keep up, but as it is getting harder to bend over, there are more crumbs on the floor then I would like. But, we love it! Kyle has started his teacher training, and next week school starts! I can't wait to find out how it goes for him!!! Good luck honey!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Computers: Blessing or Curse?

In January of 2009 Kyle and I head off to Walmart and buy a $400 Dell desk top computer. We each had a laptop going into the marriage, but alas, they passed away and so we bought a desktop. This computer was working fine till one day about 3 months ago it got a really bad virus and we had a computer guy come in and after 8 hours of him being here he fixed it. He was supposed to bill us $100, but even after 3 months we have yet to receive anything from him... anyway, the computer was fine after that. Well, about 2 weeks ago the dang thing locked up and we couldn't log on. Computer mistake 101 only having one user account (make sure you have at least 2 users!!) Anyway, we took it to Office Depot since we had a "free inspection" thing and the guy said we needed to order a recovery disk. Joy. So, I call Dell to order this disk that would erase everything on the computer, and smart me didn't have anything backed up... I'm on the phone, and by now you can probably tell I know NOTHING about computers. So trying to understand what this guy was asking was crazy, add in that he hardly knew English, and it became that much better. Well, he said I didn't need a recovery disk but I needed to buy the warranty. Long story short, after $250 for a warranty, 4 different techs (nobody could fix it till I spoke with the "expert tech" who thankfully knew the most English), and 5 1/2 hours of me sitting on the computer trying to figure out what they wanted me to do, I am happy to report that our computer is fixed!!! And, with the 2 year warranty we shouldn't have to pay for anything for it at least for 2 years. After everything we have had to do though, we may as well have bought a new computer, and then you add in paying for Internet..... gee wiz! So it got me to thinking is this contraption a blessing or a curse? And honestly, it is both. I would say the blessing out way the curses though. And now I can blog again!

I'm 26 weeks pregnant now. And everything seems to be going well. She moves and wiggles a lot! About a week ago I was lying on the couch with Conner between my legs and his head on my belly. We were watching the Lion King (Conner's new favorite movie) and Hannah kicked and it happened to be right where Conner's head was. He sat up turned around and said, "HEY!" I was like, it wasn't me! It was your sister! haha, super cute.

We are moving in 1 week. And right now I am grateful that most of our stuff is packed. I try to get at least one box packed a day and it really wears me out. Who knows how long it will take to unpack with how exhausted I get so easily. But it will be worth it!

Conner is doing major potty training right now. He has worn big boy underwear for the past 5 days, and is really doing well. He has mastered going pee-pee. We are still working on the poop part. He gets it most of the time, but has slipped up 2 or 3 times. But hey, it's much better then changing diapers all day like I still do for Josh. And there is just something about seeing Conner run away with Lightning McQueen or Buzz and Woody on his little butt that is just so stinking cute! I just want to pinch his little butt cheeks all the time. haha.... I will have to post a picture!

Joshie is talking more and more. He can say every one's name in our little family. My favorite is when he says Conner. It come out like "Cor-er" but at least he is trying. He also likes to say "re, se, go" (ready, set, go) and chase after Conner. His first Spanish word is Ca-Ca. So anytime, he has a diaper change he repeats it. And he knows he gets the biggest laugh from it so when the whole family is over he is sure to say it to get all the attention. Thanks Kyle, for teaching him that! He loves playing with Conner, and he loves playing in the nursery. It's fun to see their little games they play together and how the little wheels are turning in their heads. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful family!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

22 weeks

So baby Hannah is now the size of a spaghetti squash! I'm not sure what that is, but apparently it is around a foot long and about a pound. I think this is one of the best times in pregnancy. I actually look pregnant (at the store today even a MAN asked what I was having!) however I'm not so big that I am waddling and uncomfortable. I do sleep with 3 pillows though. Depending on what I have eaten I get heartburn. She wiggles all the time, our little soccer player. She has to keep up with her brothers! I'm still really emotional. Today for some reason was just hard and Kyle got home from work and I just started crying. He kept asking why and I was like, "I don't know, I'm just crazy!" He said I'm not crazy I'm just pregnant! What an understanding husband! I still have to give myself shots everyday, but it's not so bad anymore. I don't even bruise where I inject them. I have to stand up every so often or else I get uncomfortable. But I'm really excited to be having a girl that it makes up for all the not so nice pregnancy symptoms! What a blessing to be able to have children and I am so grateful we have been given this opportunity. I just pray I can handle 3!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's a GIRL!!!

We just go back from the doctor's office this morning where we had a sonogram and true to my kids nature, she was not ashamed to bare it all! He legs were wide open and nothing hanging in the middle, haha. But other then that exciting news, she looks completely healthy. He heart and lungs and brain looked normal. She was sucking her thumb and kicking her legs like crazy. The lady doing it was like, wow, you have an active baby. I was like, I know, I feel her. Kyle was excited to see her kicking so much and thinks she is just practicing her soccer kicks!! She is exactly the right size for being 20 weeks and I have gained 11 lbs in total, so I'm still on track. Now I just can't wait to go shopping!!! Kyle took the car to work today I think on purpose so I can't drain our account while he is gone, haha.

I did want to post also about the "Energy Testing" I did. I always thought this baby was a girl and the energy testing proved it, and the sonogram confirmed it once again. The theory behind Energy Testing is that your body cannot lie. Your mind can and that's how we are able to lie, but our body's can't. So to preform the test, you stand with one of your arms out and have a partner ready. You make a statement (pregnancy example) "I am having a boy." Continue stating this and have your partner start putting pressure on your arm. Then repeat the process by saying the opposite statement, "I am having a girl." Continue saying this with your partner putting pressure on your arm. One of the statements is true and the other is false. The one that is true your body will know is the truth and you will be able to withstand the pressure from your partner on your arm longer and easier. When you say the false statement, your body is weaker because you are not telling the truth (and you may not even know you're not!) It is really incredible! You can practice by using it on your self first, ex "I am a boy/girl" to notice the difference in feeling before asking harder questions. I know of doctors that use this technique to diagnose patients and parents who use this to get the truth out of their kids since they won't be able to lie!! haha... Anyway, give it a try and let me know what you think! It's pretty cool!

I just thought these pics were really cute! They are so excited to have a little sister!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Conner's First Prayer

Every night our routine is read from scriptures, brush teeth, say prayers, sing 2 song, and good night. Well we were on step 3-say prayers. Typically Kyle or I say it and the kids are really good about folding their arms. Kyle is working tonight so I was doing everything and I said the prayer. After I was done I said ok, lets sing a song. Conner says, "No mama, more prayers" I asked if he wanted to say it and he said yes. So we all folded our arms again and I waited about 10 seconds. He didn't say anything so I whispered, Heavenly Father and he repeated. I stopped and he said, "good dreams, good sleep. Daddy safe. Jesus Christ, Amen." How cute is that! It brought tears to my eyes! I love hearing what those little minds are thinking and I'm so proud of him saying his own prayers now! I was just so excited I had to blog about it before I forgot exactly what he said. Now we shall always remember Conner's very first prayer all by himself!

Everything will work out!

So we have the 1st and 2nd collection of John Bytheway's talks on cd. They are awesome! I listen to them quite often while in the car. I was listening to the one entitled "Righteous Warriors" and he mentions a quote from President Gorden B. Hinckley in it. He just mentioned the President Hinckley tells himself every morning (when he was alive) that everything is not as bad as you think it is and everything will work out. I wanted to look up the exact quote and here it is:

"It isn't as bad as you sometimes think it is. It all works out. Don't worry. I say that to myself every morning. It will all work out. Put your trust in God, and move forward with faith and confidence in the future. The Lord will not forsake us. He will not forsake us. If we will put our trust in Him, if we will pray to Him, if we will live worthy of His blessings, He will hear our prayers." -President Hinckley-

Wow! What a great quote! And it is so true. Soon after Kyle and I got married we had a conversation about what he wanted to do for a career. He had a few different choices and he decided he would love to be a seminary teacher. He loved teaching and was great! However the year he was trying to get in the church had a hiring freeze and he wasn't hired. Then, Kyle graduated from college over 13 months ago with a business degree. He was trying to find a job in the marketing/advertising world. It really wasn't going to hot so Kyle started working as a Waiter to pay the bills till he found a "real job." He then thought he should go back and get his masters in Accounting. So, we do all the work to apply but missed the deadline by a few days. So Kyle gets everything ready for the following semester. We hadn't heard if he got in so he called the school and they told him the only thing he didn't do was change on his application he wanted a different semester and even though he did have everything in he couldn't go because of that one detail. So, school was put off for a year while he kept working as a waiter. Then he decided maybe striking out twice with getting a masters that he would also like to be a teacher (we had looked into it but the program people never called back so we didn't know what he needed to become certified). Finally, he found a program that called back and he did all the work very diligently and now has his "temporary" certificate (you get the real thing after a full school year of teaching).

He was soon offered a job but we didn't feel good about taking it. That was hard to say no to a salary job, but we knew it wasn't where he should be. So, after many job fairs and more interviews later he has been offered a job at Williams High School right here in Plano! He is doing to finger printing and stuff now and will be signing a contract soon!! It has taken over 13 months but I am so happy and proud of him and the choices he has made. Even though it took a few dead ends before getting here, we still made it and I know the Lord has a plan.

It is just amazing how when you are doing what the Lord wants you to do everything works out. We have been deciding when and if we should move out. We were looking at some nice places but before we committed to anything we wanted to check our budget of what we can do when Kyle starts the new job. We figured we should be safer and stay within a certain budget with utilities and everything. None of the places we had looked at would be in that price range. And needing a 3 bedroom it can be hard. Well wouldn't you know the day after we decided what we could realistically do I found a place that is perfect! We checked it out and we really like it. It's only about 15 min from Kyle's parents and a straight 10-15 min to Kyle's work. So are currently on their waiting list but they said they are pretty sure we could get in by August. So that is what I'm shooting for.

Kyle had a really good month this month and I was thinking what we can do to get ready to move. I had a friend who was selling her washer/dryer that were bought brand new and only used a year. She only asked 250$ for the set! Obviously we bought them. Then I found on Craigs list a toddler bed. We were trying to figure out what to do with a new baby coming and needing the crib for that. We got the cherry wood toddler bed and mattress for only 40$ (gently used). Then yesterday I found a table and 6 chairs for only 150$ We need that many chairs since our family is growing! We set up a time to pick it up this morning at 8am. At 7:30am we received a call that last night he mentioned to his mother-in-law they were selling it and she stole it sometime in the night! He sounded mad and said he was working with the police to get it back! Wholly Cow!! Anyway, that obviously didn't work out. But I figured we still had time so I was just glancing at tables again and wouldn't you know I found an oak table with 6 chairs for only $85 this time!!!! Needless to say I got on it right away and that tables and those chairs are now mine!!! They will need to be reupholstered but they really are in good condition. So, now we are pretty much set with the necessities for when we get the call that an apartment has opened up and we are approved. I know that will happen because we have been blessed so much why stop now! haha...

So anyway, it may be a little hard right now, but just like President Hinckley said, it's never as bad as you think it is and everything will work out. The Lord loves us and He wants us to be happy. And things are working out!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Something about Nature

I really believe there is something about nature that truly heals the soul. Some days are just plain tough, and I feel it is even harder because there is always someone watching (more on that later on) so if I'm having a hard time the best medicine seems to be to just pack the kids up in the stroller and take a long walk. The kids just love being in the stroller for some reason. They love just looking around and Conner talks about every single bird/rabbit/flower/airplane/etc that he sees the entire time. Just being outside just helps calm me down as well. I don't usually think about anything in particular and it's not like we are out in the middle of nowhere, we are walking through the neighborhood. It's just in the air or something that makes me feel so much better and I can walk back into the house a much happier momma! Pretty much everyday we go on a walk in late morning or early evening. The weather is perfect at that time and it seems to be when I and the kids need out of the house the most.

We are so blessed to be living with Kyle's parents. They do so much for us, however we are very excited to here back from a school with a job offer so we can move out on our own again. I think I have pinpointed why I need it now. Being pregnant I feel like my emotions just take control all of a sudden and I really try to not say anything I would regret, but sometimes it just pops out. Poor Kyle, our kids, and everyone else who lives with us! I know Sherry (mom in law) tries to help and today I snapped more then I should have. Everything was just building up and the kids were in a non mommy mode apparently. They were so tired so I put Joshie to bed around 8:30 (kicking dad in law off the big screen again, which I always feel guilty doing) then I laid Conner down by 8:45. Of course he started crying and Sherry was upstairs and wanted to go sing to him. I said, "No! I want him to fall asleep by himself or he will get used to someone there till he falls asleep." She asked if she could just sing him a few songs and I was just like, "please no, just let me raise him and put him down how I want." She just went downstairs and of course I felt guilty. I know she loves her grandsons and hates hearing them cry, I shouldn't have freaked out I was just so tired of how hard the kids were today and just wanted to be done. So, when we move out I won't have to worry about biting some ones head off for trying to help (except Kyle but he choose to be with me!haha)

Anyway, after I put the kids down I read my scriptures and that always brings a spirit to calm the soul also. It's just another miracle Heavenly Father gives us for those hard days. I'm so grateful to have this knowledge or I really think I would go crazy.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Just a Pregnancy Day

Kyle and I have a saying when I am having a ruff day, I say, "Don't worry, it's just a pregnancy day." One of those days where everyone seems to be saying the wrong things to me and I wonder, what is wrong with everyone today? Then I realize it's not them, its me! On "pregnancy days" I am much more irritable. Poor Kyle and the poor kids (luckily they shouldn't remember it! haha) My little Bell Pepper sized baby has decided to pop out a little more, so I am in all maternity clothes now, making it to 18 weeks with my 3rd child isn't bad! Lynda (my sister in law) said the other day, wow, you actually look pregnant now, even just a week ago you didn't. That's always nice knowing I don't just look pudgy anymore. Kyle tells me I now have the pregnancy glow. He tells me I look beautiful every day. I have needed to start sleeping with a pillow between my legs, it's just much more comfortable. I also had to lean the seat back a little in the car. I usually like it straight up, however now my belly gets squished so I have to lean a bit now when I sit. Kyle is working today so lets hope I can put up with this "pregnancy day" and that tomorrow is just another normal day.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Swimming Picutes

We bought 3 month passes to the Plano Parks and Recreation Centers. The one we are at here is the one we usually go to because they have great pools! Here is our little family taking a dip.

Conner for some reason really loved wearing the life jacket, and every time we go he grabs the blue one for him and the yellow one for Josh. I should probably thank Dora the Explorer for that since that is always what he quotes when he puts it on, "life jackets so we can be safe!"

Conner has said some pretty funny things lately. He has recently discovered his love for the movie Finding Nemo. At the very beginning of the movie it shows the plant that Nemo and his father live in. Conner always says "look mama french fries! French fries in the ocean!" is too funny!

Joshie wasn't sure about the slide at all.

Here is the kids part. However, the water splashes off the stairs and things it is right at the height were it hits the kids eyes so they don't like playing on it yet.

Both boys crashed afterward, that's the best part!

The boys really can read for hours! They love reading their books. Their favorite is a book called This Truck. Conner has it memorized! He sounds so smart when he reads it! Conner is also going through a phase right now where he will repeat everything he says over and over and over again until you repeat him back. Ex. "mommy, i want chocolate milk, mommy i want chocolate milk, mommy i want chocolate milk." "ok Conner I will get it for you." "mommy I want chocolate milk (over and over untill..)" "Conner you want chocolate milk?" "yes thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks" "your welcome Conner" For everything he says you have to repeat it or he will keep saying it! At least he is talking though!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is it possible?

Kyle and I were trying to decide the other day if it is possible for two right handed people to have a left handed child. Josh is 17 months old and does everything with his left hand. He only throws balls, colors, etc with his left hand. We have tried putting it in his right and he just switches it. Nobody that we can think of in our family is left handed but Kyle thought it was hereditary. I thought maybe it's like red headed people. It is way more likely if a parent has red hair that the child will too, but once in a while a red headed child is born without either parent being red headed. Kyle's dad thinks we should really help Josh keep up throwing balls with his left hand so that he can be a MLB Pitcher and we can make lots of money off him.... but to get to the majors you have to go through little league, and man I get bored enough with baseball, let alone when the kids run the wrong way around the bases, no thanks! I guess we will just see if the left handedness sticks or if it is just a phase. Only time will tell I suppose.

Oh, and good news, Kyle had interviews with a high school in Plano and a middle school in Frisco! yeah Kyle!!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Books to Movies

Wow I haven't posted in forever and now 2 posts in one day! Kyle is working all day and the kids are really being great, so I'm taking the opportunity. For some reason this really bothers me and Kyle doesn't really understand.....

I just finished the book called Beastly. It was cute, very much Beauty and the Beast, only modern times. I learned it is going to be a movie and comes out July 30th. So I take the time to look up the trailer and I was really disappointed. The only character they seem to have right is the blind guy! And the story line is changed and I can just tell that from the trailer. I love love love to read. I read all the time! And maybe that's my problem because books are always so much better then the movie, however there are still some really good movies out there that originated with books. Here is my beef, if you are going to call it the same title the book has, then it better follow the book!!!!!!! If you are just going to loosely base the story on the book, ie. "A Walk to Remember" then call it something else and say it is based on a novel. I hate getting my hopes up and then the movie has only the title in common.... I understand to make it more "Hollywood" some things need to be changed. Like the fight seen in New Moon or in the 2nd Harry Potter, but basically the characters and story line are correct. Anyway, Kyle isn't much of a ready other then church books, and seeing as how Jesus the Christ isn't coming to the big screen anytime soon, he can't really empathize. So sorry it's me ranting a bit on a pet peeve.

I'm sure the movie Beastly will be fine, but don't read the book and expect it to be the same...

Baby Cakes

My little baby cakes is now bigger than an avocado!! We find out on June 3rd if it is going to be a boy or girl. I seem to be the only one in the family that thinks it's a girl... I'm trying to prepare myself though for the sonogram so I don't start crying if they say they see the "turtle." Just a few more weeks. This baby is super active! As soon as I lay down I can feel it moving all around. Last night I pushed down on my belly to see if you could feel it and she was rolling and pushing back. So I put Kyle hand where mine had been and he was like what is that? I was like it's the baby. He said but it's not kicking or anything. I was like, I know she is just rolling around. He thought it was pretty cool and I did too that he could feel her already (yes I always say she/her till we find out otherwise). So, everything with the pregnancy is going great. I usually feel pretty good. I am more moody of course, but I really strive to be patient. I have days where I am like, man what is wrong with everybody! But then I realize it's probably just me not them and I try to just relax a little and go to my room. But other then that, it's going well.

The only thing we have done to prepare for this baby is buy a van...yes, a van. It's an Honda Odyssey, and we actually really like it. I will have to post pictures however the internet upstairs is out so I have to use a computer but it doesn't have any of our pictures on it. So, maybe later.

Kyle had a great interview in Grande Prairie (Fort Worth area) the other day. The school was great! We should be hearing soon if he is offered the job. I think the hard thing now is going to be knowing which job to take. We would love one in Plano/Friso area, but it's hard to know if we will even be offered one here... however, I know the Lord will help us. We have really been praying to know what we should do and I know He won't let us make a wrong choice for our family.

Lately I have had my testimony strengthed on family. I love love love being a mother and having my beautiful little children to be with. They make me happier then anything. When Kyle and I first got married he was planning on going to Law School. We were talking and I told him I didn't care what he did or how much money we had as long as when he came home he was really home and we could be a family. We have a lot of people in our lives who are lawyers (family/friends) and they all love what they do, however we have known for a while this is not what we are going to do in our family. Kyle loves to teach! For some reason he loves it and we may not live in Plano (we don't want to anyway) but we will be provided for and have a wonderful husband/daddy as part of our lives. I love being able to be home with our kids! Anyway, I didn't mean to go off on a soap box there, i was just thinking about it. Well, when I get my computer back I have some cute picks of the kids swimming so I will post them later. But knowing how often I blog the next time will probably be when we find out if the baby is Sarah Jr. or Kyle Jr.......

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A great 24 hours!

Since I am leaving with the boys to go to Ohio in a few days Kyle and I wanted to go on a date before we left. Luckily he wasn't scheduled to work on Friday night which is a first in a long time and he thought about picking up but we realized it was ward temple night and we really wanted to go as we have a goal to go to the temple 18 times this year. So, we booked a babysitter and made the plans. Kyle really did a great job at lunch. The Lord really blessed him to make just as much money as he typically would if he were to work all day. I picked up our babysitter (something else we haven't had to do in a while since mostly the in-laws are home to help but they were out of town). I showed her the basics and we took off. We went to the restaurant that Kyle works at (not the exact building but the same place) mostly because the food is great and we get 50% off. Well, one of the managers there knew Kyle and took care of our whole bill!!!! So, we left a nice tip for the waiter, 20 bucks!! haha...

Of course the temple was amazing! It is so incredible to feel the spirit there and to just feel like your life is back in place and going the way you need to go. There were probably about 8 couples from the ward which was good to see, of course we wish it was more. Then we went home. We paid what we thought was a generous amount for the babysitter. We figured the Lord had blessed us so much everyday, why not share a little more with those around us. I'm sure our babysitter felt like she deserved it though. haha! She told me it was her first experience babysitting a 2 year old and a 1 year old. Joshie really does go through these phases of not wanting to be put down. Apparently he fell of the couch and he wanted he to hold him the whole time after that. Conner just ran around the whole time and said NO to everything she asked. She was like "Where does he get the energy?" haha, I was like "He's 2!!!" The nice thing though was that he walked upstairs around bed time and laid down himself (he didn't get a nap). I mentioned to her Conner might ask to say prayers. So she went up and asked if he wanted to, of course he said no, but as soon as she started to stand he says "prayers, prayers!" so she had to get back down and pray with him. Ha Ha, so if was just a crazy night for this poor 13 year old! So, she deserved the cash, we will see if she ever wants to watch them again!!

Today was great with being able to watch General Conference! It was so humbling and uplifting. I love listening and learning. The kids were really good throughout it too watch was another huge blessing from the Lord. Kyle had to go to work at 3 so he missed the 2nd session. I really felt like the main message was about families. You can tell that the devil is really trying to destroy the family. I am so grateful to have the gospel in my life to help me and guide me in the troubled time.

The weather was beautiful today! As soon as conference was over we went outside. The boys have this play lawn mower thing that pops balls and is really loud so it is an outside toy, but man do they love it! So they were loving being outside. Soon after we went out it was time to eat, so we went back in and Conner threw a fit. Of course in the middle of dinner he was falling asleep. Again, another day with no nap. When I grabbed him though to put him in bed he woke up and wouldn't go so I put him back in his chair and before he took a bite he was already nodding off. It was too funny. After Josh and I were done we woke him up to go back outside. We played in the backyard a bit then Conner found the sidewalk chalk. So we went to the driveway and Conner thought it was so cool. He knows all of his shapes so he kept telling me different shapes to draw so he could color them. Josh just ran around the whole time. There was a point where a little lady bug crawled by. Conner has this book he loves called Creepy Crawlies and it talks about ladybugs so I thought it would be fun to show him one. He was interested in looking but under no circumstances would he touch it. Josh on the other hand couldn't stop grabbing at it. He loved it! Unfortunately after Josh tried stepping on it multiple time he actually squished it in his little fingers....

Josh had a few tumbles on the driveway and now has some scraped up knees, a cut, and bruise on his head and Conner has some scraped knees also. We grabbed the stroller and went on a long walk. But as we were getting started Conner found a dandelion and was like "flower, flower!" So we had to stop and he picked the "flower." He carried that thing for at least an hour tonight! The funniest part was it was just the head, so he was like pinching the bottom of it. About a quarter of the way through Conner wanted out so he could walk. He really did a good job, he walked over a mile right next to the stroller. However, ever dandelion he saw he wanted to pick. He had two hand fulls of weeds and the yellowest fingers. I was so disappointed I didn't have the camera with me. If he didn't pick the "flower" he had to say hi and bye to it. Obviously it took a while to get home. Then right when we were going to turn on our street he just set his piles down and said "bye flowers" haha, I guess he was done with them!

The kids had a bath, we read scriptures, brushed out teeth, prayed, then they laid right down without a problem. Now I have been able to relax and write this blog. It has been a great 24 hours and now to make it perfect Kyle should be walking through the door any minute...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Plum

Yes, my little kumquat has grown crazy amounts and is now a plum! I sure hope through the whole pregnancy my baby is compared to fruit. It sure is great. Fortunately I am still able to wear my normal clothes. I'm just over 11 weeks now, and I think that's pretty good with it being my 3rd baby and all. Sometimes I have to unbutton my pants when I'm sitting, but for the most part I'm good. Just a little pudgy around the belly area. At least I can still sleep on my stomach though! That is one thing I'm not looking forward to. Most days I feel pretty good, except for the whole eating thing. I've just found I get really nauseous if I don't eat or if I let myself get hungry and if that happens I can't eat hardly anything the rest of the day. Really the only thing that typically sounds good is cereal, so that's what I eat. And I want milk ALL the time. I find myself making multiply things for meals b/c I think it will be good but as soon as I sit down to eat it I just can't do it. Thankfully Kyle typically eats it and he just laughs. He says he has never seen my like that and I think it has finally convinced him I am having a girl. I've have only gained 1 pound in this entire 3 months but apparently that is normal and I am keeping my cereal down, so that's good. The shots are going well, really not too bad, just a little annoying sometimes. It was funny b/c I was up in WI for a Mary Kay convention this past weekend and one of my roomates saw me take out the shot and she asked if she could watch. haha...I didn't mind at all and she said with her last she had gestational diabetes and had to prick her finger every day and she through a fit over that so she couldn't imagine how I do with not even flinching. I guess you have to do what you have to do.

So, a funny story. I was just putting the kiddos to bed and we have the Book of Mormon picture scripture thing, anyway, so we are starting over again. And tonight it was the chapter of the Nephites leaving the Lamanites. It showed of picture of the Lamanites in their loin cloths and Conner says "Mama, find their pants! Where are the pants?!" haha....too funny, I was wondering the same thing, how do you go to war without pants?!?!?!So that was our laugh for tonight, and it is so cute, usually when Kyle is home we all read scriptures together then pray then I brush the boys teeth, then they go to bed. But if he isn't home we read, brush teeth, then pray in their "rooms" So even if we already said prayers with daddy as soon as we are by Conner's bed we have to say prayers again. I think it is Conner just stalling, but at least he is the one wanting to say prayers, I love that!

I'm so blessed!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finally a break!

This past week has been HARD!!! Mama Hercules, Lynda, and Ben got back from a vacation in Florida and brought colds with them. Then Conner got it and of course past it to Joshie. Somehow Josh has been sick since last Sat. On Sat he just slept the whole day, I couldn't put him down, but at least he was just sleeping. So, Kyle stayed home with him on Sunday and he slept a lot but seemed to be doing better. Then on Monday I felt like crap! Plus Joshie got worse. Poor Conner had to pretty much fend for himself. Lets just say he has been watching a lot of cartoons... Luckily, I was feeling a little better by Tues but Josh just got worse. All day yesterday and today he has just been screaming all day and nothing would make him happy. He has had the squirts pretty bad. The Tylenol kept his temp down, but that is about all it did. We all just needed to get out of the house today so we went to the store and I found some cute pj's for the kids. Tonight after dinner I got them dressed in their new duds and they were so cute in matching outfits! Not 10 min later Josh EXPLODED!!! All over his new pj's. So, I striped him down and fixed him up. The good news is though that he has been walking around laughing and talking and being his normal self ever since that explosion, hopefully it all came out with that. So, I'm praying tomorrow will be a much more relaxing day.

Little baby Hannah (that's what I call her even though we haven't found out for sure it's a girl) is now a little bigger then a cherry! Yeah for fruit babies!!! I have been getting more nauseous throughout the day, so whatever sounds fine without making me want to puke is what I eat whether it is an apple or fries. The other day I tried making 3 different things for lunch, would take a bite and couldn't handle it. That gets a little annoying. My belly is also looking great with the old stretch marks from the previous kiddos and now I have little bruises all over from the shots. They really aren't bad to give them to myself, but I always smell rubbing alcohol randomly. Another blessing of Kyle being a waiter is the fact that unless he is closing lunch he is usually home everyday between 2-4 so that tends to be my nap time. It also means less time with the hubby, but makes me much happier the rest of the day! So, now that Josh is fine, Conner is great (except I just noticed one of his eyes is red...gee wiz) Kyle is healthy, and myself plus baby are doing great, we can't complain!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Blueberry!

I have a blueberry inside of me! Well, ok, it's just the size of a blueberry, but it is really a baby! The internet says at 7 1/2 weeks that's the size she is. I'm due around October 21 however will probably need to be induced early because of the blood thinner situation. So, we will see. Here is what happened...

As I've mentioned in previous posts I can't take any birth control with a hormone because it thickens my blood to much and it clots. I have been taking Coumadin every day to thin my blood out. The doc said I could go off the meds in March and we would start trying to have a baby then. However, there was one night and I can tell you the exact night, where I could have been still fertile (obviously was) and lets just say extra measures were not taken.... This will get a little personal, just a warning. So, my periods are typically 40 days apart however after the night in question I started spotting at around 33 days. And then it got heavy enough I thought it was my period just early. The only non-normal part was that my temps were getting higher and higher every day. For those of you not familiar with the Fertility Awareness Method, every morning I take my temperature and there are normal highs and lows. For me, before I have ovulated my temps are around 95.6-96.4 but during this particular period they were up in the 98s. Really weird for me. I thought they would go down after my period, but they didn't. So, after about a week and reading through my book and not finding any answers I called my cousin how is great with this stuff. So I told her everything that was happening and she asked if I could be pregnant. I thought of course not, I just had my period. Well, she suggested taking a test just to role it out but to maybe talk to a doc and let her know. For some reason I did have a test in the house so I decided it was probably smart to role it out. I didn't even have to wait, that thing came back positive in like .2 seconds! I couldn't believe it! I actually called Kyle at work and told him I was freaking out! He was happy though.

After that, we went to Planned Parenthood to get the test there so I could have proof for WIC and Medicaid. And that one was positive. I was told I needed to stop taking the coumadin now though (it can cause birth defects) I have to give myself 2 shots a day now of Heprin because that will keep my blood thin through pregnancy and is safe for the baby. Anyway, because of the bleeding that I thought was my period I was worried. I called some friend that just had babies that were on Medicaid and I found out their doctor. So, I call the doc and they said if I haven't been approved yet, I am considered self pay and would have to put down a $1000 deposit! But they said Medicaid would reimburse that. So, we do it and I go in. They do the sonogram and can see a gestation sack, but that's all. I do blood work and go in 2 days later for more. My blood levels didn't go up, so I had to go in again. Apparently your levels are supposed to double every day you are pregnant. My first level was 8,000 and after 5 days it only went up to 13,000, obviously way under what it should have been. So that wasn't good. But I went in for another sonogram and it was pretty funny....

The lady doing the sonogram was like, so your about 8 weeks now right? And I said, "no, I'm closer to 6 because of how long my period are." She was like "Well, according to your last period you are 8 so lets stick with that" ok lady! I've been charting for 7 months and I know I'm not that far along, but whatever you say... and good news, they found the baby and the heartbeat! The heartbeat was 146 beats/min. They said it's great! So they measure her and wouldn't you know she was 6 weeks and 4 days! hhmmm..... who was right? That's right, ME!!! hhahahaha!!!!

Anyway, so the baby looks good and I am actually feeling pretty good. I do get really tired sometimes, but Kyle is really helpful with letting me take naps. But I eat all the time!! Really, physically I'm not to different, but I have limited patience. My poor kids, I really am trying, but some days it's really hard. I told kyle I think it's a girl because of how emotional I am. He said he thinks it's a girl because she is already costing us money! (1000 deposit we won't get back till after I deliver!) Anyway, I've named her Hannah, even though Kyle wants Hailey. I told him he could pick the boys name even if it is Kyle Jr.

So, that's my story, I know it's super long, but I print this off and put it in my journal and I didn't want to have to re-write anything. Yeah, baby Hannah! I'll see you in about 7.5 months!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Look mama, a Temple!

So the kids have been doing some really funny things lately that I know I wanted to write so I would remember for when they have kids. A few weeks ago I drove with the kids to the Dallas Temple to exchange some garments for Kyle. As soon as we were passing it (mind you I hadn't said a thing) Conner points and says, "A Temple! Temple!" Yeah!!! I am a good mom!!! haha... it was too cute! They were so excited to touch the Temple and Conner wanted to go all the way in, but obviously he still has a few years yet. And today, he was eating a gram cracker and the way he was eating it, it was fat at the bottom and then came up to a point in the middle and Conner says, "Look mama, a Temple!" haha... yeah! Plus, he know all the actions to Book of Mormon stories, I can't take all the credit for that though, I'm sure the nursery helps with that too.

Conner has also resorted to not taking naps, unfortunately. Sometimes it happens, but not usually. Which is hard for me seeing as how I could use naps every day, plus I was taking the kids nap times to make phone calls. Anyway, the kids are in bed at around 7:30pm though since Conner isn't taking a nap. And I can't complain about that, it's great! The hardest thing though is the fact that Joshie's crib is behind the couch in the Family Room still so nobody can be in there past 7:30. But Ben will be leaving in a few months to serve a mission and the boys will probably take his room till we move out.

The other day when it was supposed to be Conner's nap time the kids were being so cute. I blew up balloons with hearts on them for Valentine's Day and somehow they are are still alive! The boys think they are awesome. So, Josh was carrying one and hit everything with it. Conner was chasing him and they thought it was the funniest thing. They were both laughing and laughing. Then I had a travel roll up bag (Mary Kay) filled with all my samples and Conner was running with that and Josh chased him. Then Conner would drop it and Joshie would try to pick it up. He would only be able to carry it like 2 steps before falling, but this was all the cause of lots of laughter. Then Conner yells "Pillows!" and it's like they both new what to do. They ran to the couch, each grabbed a pillow then ran to the other room and threw them. The continued this with 3 pillows each. After all the pillows were piled up both kids ran and jumped on the piles. It was too funny to see them play with each other so much. It makes me happy that they are close brothers. Some days are harder then others, but overall they truly are great kids. And I figure I'll have all our kids close together so we can always have days like this and the best part they will all be out of the house by the time I'm 45! Then Kyle and I can serve missions and things. What a great life I have!

Friday, February 19, 2010

God's Blessings

I am continually grateful for this wonderful life God has blessed me with. Everything is never perfect, nor is it how I would plan it, but I wouldn't change my life for anything. John Bytheway's collection of talks, the 2nd set has a talk titled "Be Thou an Example of the Believers" and WOW it is such a good talk. He must have a big notebook or something (it was recorded in front of an audience) and he says to pretend that each piece of paper is someone in the world. Many people complain about their lives and say they want to trade, but is it really worth it? If you were to take 1000 pieces of paper from that notebook, only 45 of them would be people born in the USA. And of that 45 only 2 would be members of the church. 2!!!! That's .002 chance of getting to be born in the USA and being a member of the church. Each of us that has that privilege, is it just a coincidence or does our Father in Heaven need us on this Earth at this time for something? I believe the latter. I'm not perfect, but if everyone on Earth were like me I can promise we wouldn't need a homicide department in the police force, there wouldn't be Drunk Driving. We wouldn't need to lock our cars/houses. So, I give the world so sososo much! But can I do more, of course. God didn't put me on Earth to not steal anything. He expects greatness because that is what He is. And we are supposed to be like Him.

I am so grateful that he has blessed me with a wonderful, fantastic, nobody is better husband and 2 beautiful children! I am grateful my husband has a job that is providing for us. I'm grateful my in-laws are so caring and giving to let us stay in their home even longer then planned. I'm grateful that Ben and Lynda also put up with us living here and are great with their nephews. I'm grateful for the health we have all been blessed with. I'm grateful we have been the receivers and givers to help when needed. I'm grateful for phones and the internet to keep in contact with my family who live hundreds of miles away. Wow, I am so blessed.

I'm blessed with my Mary Kay business. Since moving to Texas, I stopped working. But I would read my scriptures and have this feeling I needed to start again. I had all the excuses, a new baby, in the hospital, I don't know anyone, we only have 1 car....blah blah blah..... But God kept putting in my heart that He had greater plans for me then I had for myself. One day my director called just to see how I was doing and the whole day I was so much happier. Kyle asked me what was going on and I told him I talked to Holly. I asked how he would feel if I started my Mary Kay business again, and he said "great! You always look HOT when you do it!" haha! So, I finally put myself and me excuses on the shelf and started to bless some women. I LOVE IT!!! I can't explain how much I love blessing other women and being an answer to their prayers. I had a women tell me she had been praying to God for help and here I come along and she knew I was her answer. WOW!! To have someone tell me that is so powerful. I have to repent that it took so long for my thick head to get over itself. I could have been helping so many more women the past ten months. But I can't change that. Now I just need to show my Father in Heaven how grateful I am for his endless blessing. I need to be the best wife, mother, primary worker, Mary Kay Consultant, friend, and disciple of Christ I can possibly be. Any even though I know I can never do enough to show God how grateful I am, I can bless His children and I know that is what I am here to do!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Pink Eggs and Ham

So, Conner loves loves loves reading books! We could honestly sit for over an hour just reading. Josh likes to read books too, but not like Conner my book worm. One of his favorite new books is Green Eggs and Ham. So we were reading it the other day, and as we finished Conner says "no green, pink egg ham!" I was like, no, green eggs and ham. He then replied, "no bue (blue) egg ham" and we went back and forth all the colors he knows, black, brown, white, yellow... he said every color but never says GREEN eggs and ham. So the book is affectionately called Pink Eggs and Ham. Too cute!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


So the new thing in our house that the boys seem to be most interested in is tantrums... Conner was never really bad at it before. We had our little melt downs every now and then, but over all he is a very even tempered kid. It's so interesting how different your kids can be because man o man does Joshie lay it on thick. He throws his head on the floor over and over. He learned real fast not to do that on the kitchen floor though. Sometimes his whole body gets thrown. The best part though is if you leave the room he stops, follows to wherever you are and starts it again! hahaha.... it is to funny. However, it gets really old really fast. Fortunately Conner hasn't started copying him, yet.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


So Conner really is a great 2 year old. Don't get me wrong, we have our melt downs, but really they are not to bad. Every time he does do something wrong though like push his brother or jump on the dogs I always make him sit in time out. He hates just sitting there as I'm sure most kids do. Then I have him get up and he has to give his brother a hug and a kiss. Well, I think he has caught one because if I see him push Josh he looks at me, goes right to Josh, gives him a hug and says "hugs!" It's too cute! Of course, now he thinks he can do what he wants as long as he gives the person/animal a hug afterward. How do you correct that though because do I say "no hitting" as he is hugging his brother? haha.... oh the joys of parenthood. I also think he has figured out he gets away with more with me because his hugs and kisses melt my heart. If he does push Josh from a toy he looks at Kyle first to see if he saw it. haha.... kids are so funny, they learn so fast. He has also learned how to give raspberries. You know like the ones on your belly, except he pretends to give one to you on your cheak and instead you end up with a wet slobbery cheak. Joshie thinks this is the funniest thing in the world. He could watch Conner give me rasberries all day and be happy.

Josh had his 1 year check up. He is super healthy. He is 21lbs which puts him in the 30% range. He is 29 inches which puts him in the 50% range. So the doc said he is tall and skinny, he looks good. Of course his head though is in the 85% tile. So the Hercules big head lives on in both of my boys. It's a good thing they are so cute!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

0 degrees in Texas?

Ok, I have been lied to all along, Texas is not warm and beautiful during the winter months. So, over the past 4 years when we were freezing in Idaho and we would talk to Kyle's parents and they said they were wearing shorts, they must have been lieing! It has been so cold! And tonight it is supposed to get down to 0 degrees and stay there for a while. So, they cancelled seminary at least for tomorrow. Kyle will be happy about that since it is his week to teach (he is still at work so he doesn't know yet). The said thing is that it is really hard to ride the bike I got for Christmas when it is icey outside! A well, it won't stay cold forever right?

An amazing thing happend on Sunday night. As I have previously mentioned, our dog Meg has some serious dog aggression. However, we have been taking her to training and it is really working. So, I'm walking her on Sunday night and we see a little dog on the side of the street we were on, so just to be on the safe side I cross the street and Meg is interested but doesn't freak out at this bite sized dog. Well, because we were looking at that dog, I didn't notice a lady who opened her front door right as we were passing and he dog (I'm thinking some kind of spanial) ran out straight for Meg. This dog barked a little, but just sniffed Meg, and she sniffed the other dog back. Then they were like best friends! It was amazing!! Again, if you know how aggressive Meg would get toward other dogs, this is like a miracle! So, every night since I have been trying to look for dogs on our walks to help Meg more but alas, I have found none. Now, the next step is to keep Lola from bolting out the door when it opens. I have done work though and they are much better about not barking at everything that walks by the window.... they will be perfect day. It does look like if we ever do move out of the in-laws house we will have to bring all the dogs. They are really loved here, however Larry can't walk them period, and Sherry hurt her knee somehow and I don't think she lets on how much pain she is really in. So, she hasn't been able to walk the dogs either. So, she is put on baby duty and I walk all three dogs seperatly, so it takes about and hour every night, but at least it gets me some time to myself, and the dogs get out.

Kyle started his teaching certification! Yeah!! He has a lot of the program to do online and he starts actual class on Feb. 27. He will be done and certified by April! Then he can be hiried and finally have a "real job." We really have been blessed though and are very gratefull for the help of living with the in-laws, even if it can be really hard some times.

We also finally switched bank accounts. We were ssosososososs sick of Wells Fargo and are now done with them!!! They have fees for EVERYTHING!! And they weren't honest with us about our accounts, but thankfully we no longer have to deal with them. Except for paying off the credit cards, which hopefully we can do sooner rather then later. We are now banking with Chase and really like it so far. I guess we will see how it goes...

The kids are growing up so fast! Conner loves playing ring around the roosies and loves loves loves playing hide and seek with his uncle Ben. He runs around the house saying, "where's ben?" it's really cute. He also loves Dora the Explorer and Go Diago Go. He asks all day, "Dora Boots? Dora Boots?" The only time I know that they are on T.V. is 6pm so he has to wait and 6-7 he gets to watch his 2 favorite shows. Josh is such a one year old. His mood goes back and forth and he always wants to be held! I'm getting buff arms though! haha...right....

I'm excited for next month because that is when my horse classes start again. However, I did find a Ranch in Frisco that needs volunteers and they give you free riding lessons in return. So, I may switch to that one. Firstly, it's a whole lot closer and secondly, I can get free riding lessons which I really really want. I have been checking books out at the library all about horses, and one day I will own my own. I have narrowed it down to 3 breeds I would love to have. Quarter horses, Tennessee Walking Horse, or Appaloosa. These are my favorites, and I would like to eventually lease one of each to see which breed I like. Hopefully sooner rather then later, but we will see.

So, life is good, Kyle and I still aren't eating sugar and it's going great. I've lost 20lbs and Kyle has lost 16lbs, so we are getting there. We really just want to be healthier. 2010 is going to be a great great year!