Sunday, October 31, 2010

Baby Hannah

Well, sense it has been over 3 weeks I suppose I should write about Hannah's birth. I wrote briefly about it in my journal, so I figure this one should be a little more detailed...

First off, we knew we were going in Friday morning to have the baby, so I asked Kyle if he would give me my blessing Thurs. night. It was a great blessing! I was told so many things I didn't even know about myself like being an inspiration to others and always putting others before myself. I am so grateful for the priesthood and the blessings it brings. I felt much more comfortable with the day ahead. I had been nervous in not knowing if Hannah had moved from a transverse position. Anyway...

Grandma Hercules got to our house to stay with the boys around 5:45am and we took off for the hospital. We got there around 6:30am. They had me get into the buttless dress and into the bed. The nurse I had was GREAT! I loved her!!! She was so helpful and you could tell she loved what she did. I did tell her they always try to put the IV into the side of my wrist whatever vein that is, and it never works, they always have to go through my hand. She looked around and found the vein so I let her try once. It didn't go in....hhmm... just like I said.... she said it didn't roll it just clamped up. So, like I said originally she had to do it in my hand. They started the IV and put the monitors on me to feel for contractions and Hannah's heartbeat. My contractions were already coming every 5 min but not very strong. She thought I was already in early labor on my own, but I don't think so as I knew they were coming regularly for a couple days, but I also knew they weren't near strong enough. Then, they had me lay in one side and I said, baby doesn't like this side. Well a few min. later the nurse came back in saying her heart rate I said, she doesn't like this side. So, I turned over, and low and behold her heart rate came back up.

We waited for the doc to come in. I was dilated to a 3. He tried to break my water, but Hannah's head was in the way and he couldn't really get a good shot at it. So, he said he would try again around lunch time.

Kyle told the nurse that once I get dilated to a 5 I usually go pretty fast after that. I didn't remember that, so I'm glad he did. It's just getting to the 5. So we were hoping for a fast delivery since I was already at 3. They started the pitocin and we waited. I warned the nurse that for some reason my body seems to get used to the medicine really fast and I need more (it's a good thing I have never been a druggie...haha) She asked what my natural hair color was and I told her blond. She said that the anesthesiologist once told her that fair skinned, fair haired people tend to need more meds....interesting.... apparently it is a fact.

So, the pit isn't really working....I feel the contractions, but nothing crazy, maybe hurting a level 2 on a scale up to 10. They keep turning up the pit. This is going on four hours. Then with one contraction I feel a little fluid seep out. That continues with the oncoming contractions. I told the nurse, she checked me and I was still at a 3 and she couldn't tell that my water had broken. Anyway, lunch time rolls around, the doc comes back, I'm still at a 3, but my cervix was thinned. He moved Hannah's head and more water came out. He was like, Oh, your water must have broken. It was strange though because it was just little seepages, with the boys it was gushes.

They kept turning up the pit and it was starting to look like another long delivery. But around 3pm I started to feel the contractions more. So we called for the epidural so I wouldn't have to be in pain even if it was manageable. Apparently the nurse told the epi guy about my needing lots of meds because he gave me tons! He said I shouldn't need to push the button for more with the amount he was giving me. And he wasn't kidding! I literally could not move my left side. If they needed me to move Kyle had to move me. Weird feeling, but not painful! Love that! Epis don't even really hurt, I mean the worse part is when they give you the shot to numb you and that isn't even bad, maybe after giving myself a shot everyday for 9 months curred me of the fear of them, but still, worth a little pinch to be pain free the rest of the time. It was good we called the epi guy when we did too because he was about to go in for a c-section and wouldn't have been available for a while.

So we are around 3pm, I just had my epi and feeling good. I tried to get some sleep, but sleeping in a hospital is just about pointless with all the people coming in to check this or look at that. The contractions were putting pressure on Hannah, obviously, so they had me put oxygen on and she really like that. I said I felt more pressure and the nurse checked me and I was at a 6, about 20 min later I had her check again and I was at an 8. They called the doc and he was finishing up with his last 2 patients and would be over. Well I really felt the need to push not even 10 min after that and when I was checked I was completely dilated. Kyle could actually see the head with each contraction. I told them I needed to push and the doc came in, got suited up, told me to push and with just 1 contraction and 2.5 pushes she was out!!!!

Born Oct 8, 2010 at 5:41pm. 8lbs 3 oz, 20.5in. She has been my biggest baby yet! But she is beautiful and healthy. She is a great nurser and sleeps through the night, just waking up every 3-4 hours to eat. I love her so much and I am so happy she is part of our family. Welcome Hannah Mae Hercules!

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Mallory said...

Nice story. You make it sound like birth is just another errand of the day!! I'm glad it went so smoothly! And I can't wait to meet Hannah someday.