Sunday, February 15, 2009

finally some pics...

Conner is just to cute!!

Joshua doing his favorite thing, just hanging out

Eat baby brother! I want you to eat!!

A little smile caught on camera.

I love my brother!!!

Check out those lips!!

Mommy and baby, so happy together

Conner playing with his dad

So sleepy Josh

Conner sitting in a dish, he thinks everything in this house belongs to him...

7 hours!!

YEAH!!! For the first time ever, Joshua Kyle Hercules slept for 7 hours straight on the night of Feb. 14! Happy Valentine's Day to us!! It was wonderful to get that rest! I think it was making up for the past 2 months... about a week and a half ago we were actually in the hospital with little Josh. He had RSV and it got pretty severe so we headed to the hospital where he needed an IV and breathing treatments. The poor little guy was so out of it and dehydrated that when they were inserting the IV, they tried 8 times to do it and he didn't cry once! I would have been crying by then! I get mad if they miss the first time. But he is a trooper and doing much better now. We finally have a formula that works for him, and of course it's the most expensive brand. 25$ a can, and he would go through 8 cans a month, so 200$ in food for a two month old!! Holy Cow, that's half of what the rest of us eat all together! So, the little stinker is lactose intolerant, slightly colic, has been in the hospital, I swear this kid is giving me gray hair already at 2 months!! I'm a little nervous to raise him for at least the next 18 years!

Conner did the cutest thing on Friday. So, when I'm on the phone doing Mary Kay phone calls I always tell Conner we need to be so quite and put my finger over my lips and make the "sshhh" sound. So the other day Conner was sitting on a chair and I just hear him babbling on so I look over at him and he has Kyle's MP3 player up to his ear. I asked him who he was talking to and he puts his finger over his mouth and goes "ssshhhhh" hahahaha.... it was so funny! It really shows that kids watch and copy everything we do! Speaking of Conner, he has figured out how to climb up on the couches/chairs/etc. That makes me a nervous wreck too because he always gets so close to falling off and I have to run over and save him. Our food cabinet is above the built in desk, and yesterday he pushed a chair over to the computer, climbed up the chair, climbed on the desk, opened the cabinet and tried to get out all the food! Man!!! these kids wear me out! You would think I would have lost all my baby weight chasing after them booth. Good news though, next week is Conner's last week to not be in nursery!!!! Starting the first Sunday in March he starts going! We can't wait!

I leave for Disney World this Thursday! I can't wait to have the warm weather and ride roller coasters again since I'm finally not pregnant! People keep asking me if I'm bring the baby. I'm like, HECK NO!! This is a vacation! They always sound shocked and surprised that I would leave my baby. They ask what he will do without me. Well, he will probably eat, sleep, and poop just like he always does!! haha... my kids will survive without me. It's only 4 days, and I think everyone needs a break every now and then. And, I know my kids will be that much cuter when I come back. I'm so excited!!!!!

We still haven't found out anything about Kyle continuing on with seminary. We were supposed to find out by Friday, and here it is Sunday, and nothing. So, no news is good news? Or no news is bad news? Who knows. I just want to find out so we know where to go from here. We shall see in due time I guess. It's just crazy that so much is going to be happening in the next few months. Kyle is actually half way done with his last semester! yeah!!! Then we can leave Rexburg. I actually got stuck in the snow the other day and it was awful! I was wearing heels and had Josh in the car. What could I do? take off me heels and have josh drive while I push? haha.... Luckily people here are pretty nice so I was just able to flag a couple guys down to push me out. Thus, I'm sick of the snow and ready to be completely done with it!

So, all in all. I have the best kids that drive me crazy, the best husband who is so close to graduating, and just the best unpredictable life ever!!