Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kyle's Graduation

Kyle officially graduated on April 10, 2009! Elder Neil L. Anderson (newest member of the quarm of the 12) was the guest speaker. He told us the just the previous day he had all 14 of the current prophets and apostles put their hands on his head and ordain him. What an experiece that must have been! He spook to the graduates about the wisdom of the world and the wisdom of God. It was very well done. Of course Kyle was easy to spot out. There were some 1400 graduates. Over 600 served full time missions. 50% were married and of those married, there were 70 couples graduating together!! I'm not sure how many had kids, let alone 2 kids! I'm not sure how Kyle did everything he had going on this past and even previous semesters. But I do know he was not alone. Only with help for God could this be accomplished, and I truly know our Heavenly Father helped all of us, but specially Kyle.

I couldn't be more proud of Kyle right now. He worked so hard and I'm so grateful he accomplished his goal. And it does help that we are now able to get out of Rexburg! We are headed to Dallas soon. I'm actually leaving with the boys on April 16 and Kyle will be driving down w/ all of our stuff the week after. Change is so exciting! We have no idea what we will be doing, but thank goodness for family and the knowledge that everything has a plan and it will all work out.
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Joshie is getting so big!! He loves standing! You can just let him hold on to your fingers and he will stand. He eats all the time and gets so mad when the bottle is empty. At the end of the movie the Incredibles... Jack Jack is stolen and then they find out he has those super powers too. Well, Josh makes those same faces! He turns bright red, sticks out his fists and grunts when he gets mad. It is so funny!! He is also a charmer too. It was about 10pm on Thurs. night. We had a long day of traveling from Ohio back to Rexburg. He had been in bed about 20 min and decided to wake up again. Everyone else was in bed too, so I got up and needless to say was a little annoyed, I wanted to sleep... I start changing Josh's diaper and of course he gives me those huge gummy smiles and I told him to stop smiling at me because I was trying to be annoyed...haha.. well he didn't listen and of course I just laughed and couldn't be upset that I lost a little sleep because we had that time together.

Conner is also a huge ball of fun! He loved being in Ohio. He got to play with his aunt and uncles and had a great time. He even cried when they had to go to school and got so excited when they came home. He also loved the cats! He would chase them every where!!! And try to hold them. I don't know how many times I said the words, "Be soft!" He was so spoiled there and I know he will be again in Texas. I'm excited to see how he loves the dogs. He just loves animals!

Here is my graduate!! Great job Kyle!!!