Wednesday, August 25, 2010

stinky garage

We now live in a townhouse. We really like it! One of the rules of the community though, to keep it looking nice, is that you are not allowed to have bags of trash in front of your door anywhere or you will get fined. That is fine with me, however the trash bins are a little walk away. Especially when you are 7 1/2 months pregnant in 100+ degree weather! So, Kyle being the wonderful husband he is, usually takes the trash out. I typically tie one bag up and set it in the garage and then within 1-2 days another bag is ready to go out and he takes them both at the same time. This system has been working pretty well, until about a week and a half ago.

I was cleaning out the fridge when I remembered a fruit salad I made that didn't get all the way eaten. Well the fruit had gotten all squishy and I just can't eat squishy fruit, so I put it in the bag, tied it and set it in the garage for Kyle to take out (it was the #2 bag so I thought it would go out that day) Well, for some reason we didn't park our car in the garage so that bag sat out there for over 24 hours in the hot hot hot weather, and decided to leak its juiciness onto the garage floor.... great. Because I opened the door to the garage and just about passed out! It was so gross!!!!! I can't even describe the stench. Obviously Kyle took the trash out instantly, but the damage had been done. I tried getting a bucket with soap and water and just used a broom to clean off the cement. We aired out the garage for a few hours, and it helped, but not perfect. I bought a thick bristled brush and scrubbed it down. It's not perfect, but it is much much better. We can actually park in the garage now without gagging!. The kids ask me every day now too if we can clean out the garage because they loved running around in the water on the floor and helping scoot the water out with the broom. I'm not sure what else, if anything, there is to do to help it be back to normal. I mean, does baking soda work on cement? Anyway, it's not to bad now, and I have learned my lesson about putting squishy fruit in the trash, when, hello! we have a garbage disposal!

It has been GREAT having Kyle as a teacher. I love having a schedule to work with and having a routine. He has been leaving around 7:45am and getting home around 5:30. And he we just got the first pay check direct deposited today. I love that for us! His classes seem to be going well. He intimidated the kids on the first day, but I'm sure they will soon learn he is a goofball and they will enjoy class.

All in all, life is good. We are so blessed! We have so much to be grateful for. I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who knows each of us and knows what we need. He gives us support when we think we can't go on, and blesses us everyday. All we need to do is ask and we shall receive. In church on Sunday, our Sunday School teacher said, "life without God is a meaningless life." Amen brother! If we don't have God in our lives, what is the point? I am so grateful once again for the wonderful life He has blessed me and my family with!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

30 week pregnant!

Conner was there helping take pictures of my 30 weeks belly. He wanted to show off his belly too! I thought it was so funny!! They loved lifting up my shirt, rubbing my belly and talking to baby Hannah through my belly button. Then they lift up their shirts too. They are too funny! So, this is also a picture of Conner in his underwear. We haven't had an accident in over a week! This is a huge deal for us!! Conner did really well going number 1 in the potty, but when it came to #2 he just didn't get putting ALL of it in the potty. Some would go in, and then when he got up from his nap I would find the rest of it on the floor. Let's just say I was pretty tired of cleaning up poop!! We bought Dora stickers and told him if he went in the potty he got a sticker. He was so excited. But we still were having having accidents. Then I made up a song to the tone of one of the Dora songs. The one where they sing, "Where are we going? To the _________(wherever the episode for that day was doing)" Anyway, so I changed the words to, "where does the poop go? In the potty! Where does the poop go? In the potty! Does it go on the floor? No! Does it go on the wall? No! Does it go in our undies? No! Where does the poop go? In the potty!" And surprisingly it worked! He loves the song! I sometimes hear him signing to himself the song. haha!! But at least #2 is going in the right place now!

30 weeks and 4 days!

It's crazy how much faster this pregnancy is going! I can't believe I'm so close to holding this little girl! He room is set up and everything is ready. I feel like I haven't gotten as big for how far along I am. She seems to be long and skinny. Hopefully that means she will be a little easier to push out.... I only have about a month left of the 1 shot a day and they will switch me to a blood thinner called Heparin and that will be 2 times a day shots. So, a little more often, however the reason for the switch is they can reverse the effects of it, so if I go into labor they can make my blood back to normal. Whereas the meds I am on now they cannot reverse. It's pretty exciting that we are getting ready for delivery. I know it is still about 8ish weeks away but I'm sure it will fly by.
We are loving being in our own place again! We really like Allen, TX. The people are great, we have a great ward and getting to make new friends. If only the kids would listen and keep the house clean.... I guess that is wishful thinking. Usually it isn't to bad, I try to keep up, but as it is getting harder to bend over, there are more crumbs on the floor then I would like. But, we love it! Kyle has started his teacher training, and next week school starts! I can't wait to find out how it goes for him!!! Good luck honey!