Thursday, December 18, 2008

Joshua Kyle Hercules

Baby Josh wrapped in a fleece blanket so comfy!!
All the boys hanging out on the couch!

Josh is such a good sleeper! He slept 4 hours his first night at home!!

Me and Josh at the hospital, recovering from a long day.

Daddy and Josh bonding at the hospital.

Joshua Kyle Hercules was born at 10:15pm on Monday, December 15. He weighed 8lbs, 21 1/2 in long. And what a cutie!! We can't tell exactly who he looks like yet, but I would say he looks more Hercules then anything. He has the cutest pudgy cheeks just like his daddy did.
Kyle and I were to go to the hospital on Sunday night. Kyle's brother Joey ended up being here in Rexburg, and was able to stay at home with Conner. That was a huge blessing not having to worry about finding babysitters to help with Conner. So, we went to the hospital at 8pm to be induced. Josh was still pretty high, but I was dilated some, so they ended up putting some kind of tape thing on my cervix to soften it and help and I was just to sleep there at the hospital. Well, it would have been fine, except Josh was being so wiggly they had a hard time finding him on the monitor and keeping him there. So, at least every 15 min. the nurse was back in adjusting the strap across my belly. Obviously, when somebody is waking you up that often, it is hard to get a good sleep. Monday morning they started the pitocin. After a while they were able to break my water, and I hold the record for the most water!! It was amazing how small my belly seemed even after that. Well, after hours or waiting, Josh's heart rate kept dropping. So, they had to stop the pitocin. That would stop my contractions, and we would be stuck. Then they would start the pit again, but then his heart would drop again, and the cycle kept going on like that until he was finally born. I only had to push for 20 min, but the cord was wrapped around Josh's neck 2 times. So, he was really lethargic, and pale. It makes me so grateful to be in such a country though, where there are people who could help and have the medical personal there. I don't know what would have happened if I didn't have the doctors and nursers there, you just never know what kind of emergency may happen. Anyway, Josh had to stay in the nursery over night, but that did give us some time to sleep and rest from all that hard work. But man is he worth it!!
Conner and Josh are already best friends...ok, well Conner doesn't know how to be soft really yet, but he is getting there. He is fascinated with Josh. It's a lot of work trying to take care of both boys, but it helps that I have the best husband to help me out. Well, Josh just finished eating and I need to try to get some sleep. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep up the blog with everything else going on!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

baby soon

Yesturday I had the amneocentesis done and it wasn't really what I had expected. Really, it wasn't to bad, it wasn't to great either. I don't know that I would want to do it again. The kin prt didn't hurt at all, but as soon as it hit my uterous, it cramped up, and wasn't nice. After a couple of hours though the cramping stopped and all was back to normal. So, we took the sample to the hospital for the testing, and I stayed in the car while Kyle ran it inside. He gets up to the desk to drop it off and says "I have the amniotic fluid for testing to drop off." The Secretary replies, "Are you the patient?" "umm... yeah, I'm expecting any day now..." here's your sign... Are you serious? Since when has a man had amniotic fluid?!?!?!?! But it does make for a good laugh!

We got the results in today. They can't say for sure that his lungs are fully mature but they know they are not immature. The best they can say is that they are intermediately developed. AAgghhh... then what do you do? However, by now, they could be developed. So, after discussing with the doctor the options, we are scheduled to be induced Sunday night. And hopefully have a baby by Monday morning. My sister Melanie will be driving up on Sunday to help out with Conner. I'm really excited to see her again, it has been long time. I think the last time was nearly a year ago. And my mom will be here in 13 days!! When I told my mom though today, she is a little disappointed that baby herc will be 10 days old by the time she sees him. But I'll be ready for the help. We will see how it goes.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So, it seems that after every doctor apointment I have to blog about it.... I just got home from having an ultrasound done of baby herc. As of now, he is measuring to be just over 9lbs. I can't say I'm surprized, but technically I still have 3 weeks, so he could still grow a lot! He has a huge head, of course, a big abdoman, and little legs. haha, short and stout. And I tell you what he has some huge cheeks!! Just like his daddy did when he was a baby. Along with seeing how big the baby was they also measured how much water I have. The doctor said through a normal pregnancy one would have 10-20 oz (I think oz, that's the only thing I can think of). Well, as of now I have over 30oz of water!!! That could be one reason I am measuring so big is because of all the water. I asked the doctor if that is harmful to the baby at all. He said that the only negative they have found is that the baby will just kind of float around and never come down into the pelvis to deliver. He checked my cervix also, and I am about 2-3, but he couldn't touch the babies head, so either his head is to big to fit, or there is to much water keeping him floating to high. The doctor said if he knew the babies lungs were fully developed, he would induce me tomorrow. The only way to know that is by doing an amniocentesis. So, I have that scheduled for tomorrow, and if it shows that his lungs are developed then I could be induced as early as this weekend. Or, I can just wait and see if I go into labor. The hard thing is they can't break my water because the baby is still to high, and the only thing to bring the baby down is contractions, but because there is so much water contractions may not even do it. And that makes my risk for a c-section even higher. Oh, the joys of labor and delivery, and the unknown!! So, I'm a little nervous for tomorrow, but I'm sure it will it will all work out.

Conner has figured out how to blow kisses now. It is so cute!! The other day we were all going out to run errands and I had Conner's hand and we were walking out to the car. All of a sudden, Conner stopped and turned around to look at Kyle who was locking the apartment. So Conner stopped and looked at Kyle and held up his hand and wouldn't move until Kyle took Conner's other hand. It was super cute!! I'm excited to see him as a big brother, maybe even as early as this weekend!! We will see.

Monday, December 8, 2008


So, it fianlly snowed last night. I'm not sure exactly how much, but at least 3-4 inches. It has been so nice not having to worry about road conditions or snow boots or anything like that. And it has made it to Dec. 8 which I would say is a record for Rexburg. I'm not sure how true it is, but Kyle was telling me about a rumer that has been going around. He said that President Clark asked all the BYU-Idaho faculty to fast and pray with him that Rexburg would not have snow until the roof on the new expansion was complete so the building could stay on track. I don't know if the roof is done, it's hard to say, but I wouldn't be surprized.
I'm still pregnant...and Joshua is still huge... my belly is measuring full term and Wed. we will start the ultrasounds to get an estimate of how big he is. Can't you just see it in the paper..."Hercules Baby Born 12 lbs!!!" That's what he feels like now anyway. I still don't have a hospital bag packed, or any of the little baby clothes pulled out, or really anything really ready for the baby, so I guess I'm not prepared enough for him to come, but I sure am ready. Each day is a victory if I make it through the day. And it has been a GREAT day if I get dinner made. haha!! I'm ready to have my body back and see my toes again! But Christmas is in 17 days which means I will have the help of my mom in 17 days!! And I will get to see my sister and her man (whom I have never met). I can't wait to have the help of family! That's the hardest part of living so far away I think.
The new apartment is great. Conner loves it! I feel like we have child-proofed everything, and yet every day he finds something new to get into. I don't know how he does it, he is just too smart. He is a great kid though, always laughing and playing. He loves shoes!! He will just carry his around and he gets so excited to put them on. Once you put them on him though, he goes straight to the front door and waits to leave. He tries to put his coat on himself now, and gets one arm in and thinks he is done. It is so funny. He also LOVES the Christmas tree. So, the bottom half of the tree never stays decorated for long before he takes everything off. Then, we find his little toys balancing somehow on the lower branches!! Who knew there was a bouncy ball there at Baby Jesus' birth!! It's so fun to have him here for Christmas. I don't think he understands Santa Clause or anything yet (maybe next year), but it will be fun to let him open some presents and see his face on Christmas morning.
Hopefully the next time I write, I will have to post pictures of little baby Hercules!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Doctor Visit

So, yesturday I had my doctor apointment for the pregnancy. Of course, little Hercules is measuring HUGE!!! And, he is a wiggly worm. It took them nearly 15 min. because he wouldn't stop moving. My stomach was doing waves. The nurse just kept laughing, and my belly was just covered with the jelly stuff from it!! And I am measuring 3 weeks early still. My next apt. is Dec. 2 and will have to start doing ultra sounds again at each apointment to make sure little Herc has everything he needs and is healthy. They may have to induce me early if there is any question about anything. Being so uncomfortable that sound good, however I do know my chance for a c-section dramatically increases especially if he is to big. So that does make me a little nervous. But, I know everything will work out and it will be worth it. It would be nice to have the baby Early, however, not being close to any family makes the planning a little more difficult with Conner. And with a lot of our friends up here taking off for Christmas soon our choices are even more limited. So I told my sister Melanie she is on-call and may have to drive up from Provo to help me out! I guess only time will tell. Maybe it will all work out and I won't have the baby until Dec. 26 and my mom will be here and the only problem will be my comfort.
The move is going pretty well. I would say 75% is done. We still have a little more unpacking and organizing to do, but it will hopefully be done soon. I have had some help with Conner which is nice but he is still taking apart the house so it is taking me a lot longer to get things done. So, I'm excited for Thanksgiving and all the food!! And Kyle's birthday on Sunday and cake!!! The holidays are the best!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

7 times in 23 months

So, we are finally in our new apartment but far from being done unpacking! I counted today, and we have moves 7 times in the past 23 months! Ever since Kyle and I have been married basically. We started, Appletree (rexburg), Brooks Landing (Modesto, CA), Kati and Seth (Frisco, TX), Heartland (Rexburg), House with Blue roof (Rexburg), Brick House (Rexburg), and Main Street Station (Rexburg). Count them all... and 7 times!! That averages to us moving every 3 months. I guess the positive side is that we can't be pack rats. We get ride of things and have DI boxes with every move. Hopefully this is the last time we move in Rexburg!! It better be!!! Our contract here goes through May and then we will be out of here. The hardest part now is being so pregnant. I only have a month left, and everything I need to do to get ready for the new baby has now been doubled in having to put everything away. Kyle is such a great husband! I could tell I was starting to over work myself today and he made me sit on the bed and gave me a foot rub. Then I got to relax on the bed and just tell him where I wanted everything to be put. Who could ask for anyone better?!?!?!?
Conner has been having a lot of fun exploring everything and today he discovered how fun it can be to unroll the toilet paper from the roll (our other houses didn't have the roll dispenser things for him to enjoy). So that has been interesting trying to keep him entertained and get stuff done. Right now, his room is a mess so his mattress is on the floor in our room and he is sleeping there tonight. Luckily he won't ever remember sleeping on the floor!! haha...
We are excited to go to the family ward tomorrow. But it will be interesting sharing the building with 3 other wards at the same time. Kyle says he gives us 3 Sundays before we both have callings. I guess we will see. Part of me wants to be in primary again. I love it!! And Conner only has 4 1/2 months until he goes to nursery!!! I'm pretty excited for that. Of course, I'll have another one to chase after soon anyway, but one day I won't have to worry about bringing Cheerios and juice and pray a tantrum doesn't start. But I know I need to cherish these time b/c they don't last forever and Conner is already growing up so fast. I love the song by Trace Adkins, I think it is called Your Gonna Miss This, it makes me cry every time. Well, I'm really tired and need to head off to bed, hopefully I will be comfortable enough to get to sleep!! Gotta love pregnancy!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

So, Kyle and I just got back from the much needed trip to the temple. It is amazing how calming and peaceful the temple is, and no matter how many times you go you can still learn more. It was a completely full session, and three people were actually there taking out their own endowments, so of course all the family was there for them. It was great to remember going through my first time in Columbus. And I have a greater appreciation for Elizabeth the mother of John the Baptist when she says that her son jumps in her womb when Mary the mother of Jesus comes by. Little Josh was just going crazy inside me the whole time, and I will admit it got pretty uncomfortable, but he must have just known where he was and was so excited about it. Now, I'm super hungry, so Kyle being a wonderful husband is making us dinner, and Conner just went to bed, so I am taking advantage of the time.
Kyle and I actually found an apartment that is pretty nice and will give us our basic needs. And the best part is that it is subsidized, or however you spell that. So it is much cheaper then other places and we will have a dishwasher again!! Oh, the little things in life you don't realize how much you miss until you don't have it anymore. The boys will be sharing a pretty small room, and Conner will probably have his mattress on the floor, but the nice thing is he won't remember it!! haha... so we will find out Monday if we were approved and get to move in this week. It's a real blessing though because all the other subsidized housing is on long, and I mean long waiting lists. So, hopefully it will all work out and we can move in sooner rather then later.
Conner has been very needed lately. Maybe he is teething again... it never ends!! and we actually played a little game because he would not let anyone else other then myself hold him. So Kyle stood at the other side of the room and would take a step towards me holding Conner. As soon as Kyle took a step forward Conner would yell and whip around and grab my neck. If Kyle took a step backwards Conner would just watch him closely, and as soon as Kyle would step forward again Conner would yell and grab me again. It was pretty funny, but I will admit, it is getting really hard for me to hold him all the time now. He is getting so heavy for me, and it doesn't help my belly gets in the way. But, I know I need to enjoy this time because it is already flying by. We have so many blessings in life, and it's our job to realize how blessed we truly are.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Today I am officially 32 weeks! I haven't taked any pictures of the belly throughout this pregnancy, and fianally this morning took the first one. I almost feel guilty because I took them at least every two weeks with Conner, I guess because this isn't the first one.... and I already think I am bigger with this baby then I ever was with Conner. None of my clothes are fitting at all. I am down to only 3 shirts that fit, and 2 pairs of pants. So, obviously they just get rotated every day. Other then that, I just wear Kyle's clothes! I have a feeling that Conner is soooo good, because his little brother that will be here next month will be a handful! We are still working on the name, well kind of. Kyle really wants a Kyle Eugene Hercules Jr. However, I already mix up Kyle and Conner's name, and adding another Kyle would be crazy for me. Plus, my sister Melanie is planning on getting married to a guy named Kyle as well. So I don't think so. I really want the name to be Joshua Kenneth Hercules. So I call the baby Josh, and Kyle calls him Kyle Jr. so we may comprimise and name him Joshua Kyle. I still think if I go through the pain of labor and delivery, I should at least get to pick the name. But Kyle says he is the one blessing the baby, so he can change the name!! Oh, the joys of parenthood!! It will all work out though, and the baby's name will be Joshua!!
Conner is walking all over the place now, he hardly crawls anymore. It's pretty nice because he can entertain himself so much more. And I rotate a load of laundry and I'm just EXHAUSTED!! So, it's really hard for me to play with him all day. Poor Kyle, I put so much on him, since it's so hard for me to get anything done these days. But Kyle is the best husband, and does sooo much for us! I don't know what I would do without him. We also recently found out that my mom will be flying out Dec. 25-Jan. 5. It will be soooo great to have her help. And we will be moving during that week too, so her help couldn't come at a better time. At least Kyle will be graduating in April, and maybe we can move closer to family. It all just depends on if Kyle is hired as a seminary teacher by the church. He is doing great student teaching and I'm really excited for him. Well, Conner is getting into things he shouldn't be, so I should go, but I think I'll be blogging a lot more now that I am getting it!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Finally another post!!

So, I'm still learning how to use this blog thing... Kyle is much better at computer stuff then I am, but I try!! I figured since it has been about 7 months since the last post it was about time. It just seems that with facebook and e-mails I just usually do that, but I just have the urge. Maybe it's a pregnancy thing!! haha, thankfully I'm due NEXT MONTH!!! This pregnancy has definently gone by much faster then being pregnant with Conner. And speaking of Conner, he looked sooo cute for Halloween!! We were the "Farmer Family" and Kyle took advantage of being bald and we painted a Jack-O-Lantern on the back of his head!!! It was great!!
We went Trick or Treating all over town. It was great, and a lot of fun, luckily it wasn't to cold yet. However, today of course it started snowing again!! And we found out that we have to move again. So, we are looking at our different options. It's just not going to be fun with the weather changing so much and being so pregnant. And this little guy inside my belly is already a ball of energy! He moves sooo much, and I'm very uncomfortable, but it will be done soon, and then I'm sure I will be missing feeling him move. Well, trying to attach the pictures is driving me crazy, because they won't go where I want them. Hahahaha. And we need to go to bed b/c Kyle has to wake up super early. I'm sure I will get better at this blog thing!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Conner Joseph Hercules Birth to 4 Months

Welcome Everyone!!
We wanted to create this blog so we could keep up with everyone and allow you all to see our handsome son as often as you would like (especially you grandmas and grandpas!!
Conner is getting so big! He has learned how to use his lungs, so he loves screaming as loud as possible. He has also learned how to jump in his bouncer. It's so nice because he will jump in that thing for over and hour and wear himself out and just take a little nap in it. He always has a smile on his face and catches the girls eyes with his beautiful blue eyes! Above are Conner's first pictures with Mommy and Daddy. Below are a bunch of pictures from when he was first born all the way up to now. Enjoy!!

Conner's first bath at home. He didn't like it so much when he was first born but he LOVES his bath now!! He never wants to get out, and he loves getting mommy all wet while he is kicking and splashing.
Conner's first smile caught on camera!
Conner wants to be just like Daddy!!

What is that light that keeps flashing at me?

Me and Mommy are best friends almost as close as me and elmo!

My favorite toy, and you have to stay warm in Rexburg!!

Look at my BEAUTIFUL blue eyes!! I can't see over my highchair!!
Another picture...

Conner loves looking at his own reflection, he must know he is the best looking baby in town!!