Monday, December 8, 2008


So, it fianlly snowed last night. I'm not sure exactly how much, but at least 3-4 inches. It has been so nice not having to worry about road conditions or snow boots or anything like that. And it has made it to Dec. 8 which I would say is a record for Rexburg. I'm not sure how true it is, but Kyle was telling me about a rumer that has been going around. He said that President Clark asked all the BYU-Idaho faculty to fast and pray with him that Rexburg would not have snow until the roof on the new expansion was complete so the building could stay on track. I don't know if the roof is done, it's hard to say, but I wouldn't be surprized.
I'm still pregnant...and Joshua is still huge... my belly is measuring full term and Wed. we will start the ultrasounds to get an estimate of how big he is. Can't you just see it in the paper..."Hercules Baby Born 12 lbs!!!" That's what he feels like now anyway. I still don't have a hospital bag packed, or any of the little baby clothes pulled out, or really anything really ready for the baby, so I guess I'm not prepared enough for him to come, but I sure am ready. Each day is a victory if I make it through the day. And it has been a GREAT day if I get dinner made. haha!! I'm ready to have my body back and see my toes again! But Christmas is in 17 days which means I will have the help of my mom in 17 days!! And I will get to see my sister and her man (whom I have never met). I can't wait to have the help of family! That's the hardest part of living so far away I think.
The new apartment is great. Conner loves it! I feel like we have child-proofed everything, and yet every day he finds something new to get into. I don't know how he does it, he is just too smart. He is a great kid though, always laughing and playing. He loves shoes!! He will just carry his around and he gets so excited to put them on. Once you put them on him though, he goes straight to the front door and waits to leave. He tries to put his coat on himself now, and gets one arm in and thinks he is done. It is so funny. He also LOVES the Christmas tree. So, the bottom half of the tree never stays decorated for long before he takes everything off. Then, we find his little toys balancing somehow on the lower branches!! Who knew there was a bouncy ball there at Baby Jesus' birth!! It's so fun to have him here for Christmas. I don't think he understands Santa Clause or anything yet (maybe next year), but it will be fun to let him open some presents and see his face on Christmas morning.
Hopefully the next time I write, I will have to post pictures of little baby Hercules!!!!

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The Thalman's said...

Oh, how very exciting! It just snowed here too. Wow, you are measuring full term already! How many weeks are you? Hang in there! I can't wait to see pictures of the new little guy, once he comes!