Saturday, March 26, 2011

pics and funny sayings

These pics of Hannah were taken by the babysitter. She changed them with an app on her iphone and I thought they were super cute so I wanted to share.

It has been in the 80s here and Hannah is ready! She is such a diva already!
I thought this was so funny! Josh is just like Kyle!!!
This is Conner's forced smile. He is so cute!
Hannah loves her bouncer! She jumps up and down like crazy and spins around to play with all of the toys. It is great to get a little break and let he play. We bought this toy when Conner was a baby and I'm happy we have gotten so much use out of it!

Conner is definitely MY son. I know I have said before how much he copies what I say. He is always saying, Gee Wiz! and That's strange. It is funny but the other night he said something that really made me laugh...

As part of his dinner he had applesauce on his plate. He loves applesauce! But for some reason he wasn't eating it. I said, "Conner will you eat your applesauce?" He looks me straight in the face and without missing a beat says, "Mama, if you will let me be, I will try them you will see." Then he takes a big bite and exclaims, "Hey I like applesauce, green eggs, and ham, I do!!!" hahahaha, it was so funny! He loves the book Green Eggs and Ham and for Christmas from Grandma/pa Conners he got the movie which he loves watching. It was just so funny coming from him without any prompting at all. I love hearing what that little mind is thinking.

Josh is the greatest little helper. He loves unloading the dishwasher, and by that he just throws all the silverware in the drawer so you know Josh has helped if the forks are where the spoons go and whatnot. He also loves helping with laundry. He does know how to throw a mean tantrum and you don't want any appendage near his mouth if he is mad as he will bite it off. But he is really a sweet little guy with the best smile. He thinks it is so funny to pretend to eat something and he loves feeding mommy and daddy.

Hannah is getting so big! She can roll over now and is really a happy baby. She is growing so fast and is in all 6 month clothes and some 9 months. She is only 5 months old!!!! But she is so beautiful! Everyone always comments on her big bright beautiful eyes. She is sleeping mostly through the night. About 6pm-6am and wakes up sometimes once to eat. She loves her rice cereal especially when made with juice. And she is a daddy's girl through and through! She loves her daddy and just lights up with huge smiles when she sees him. It is so cute!

Well now I have bragged on all my kids, but I'm sure there will be more funny instances coming soon...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Which is which?

  1. I just think it is so cute to look at them when there were all first born to look at similarities and whatnot. Can you tell which is which? Hint...they are not in order


"Wow mom! Hannah is a princess!" This was Conner's reaction when I first put Hannah in this dress. Obviously it took some getting used to, but Hannah sure had fun playing with it and she look so so so cute!!
We did have her little ears pierced. They are pink, but it is actually her birthstone so that worked out nicely! She was so good when they did it. She only cried for like 20 seconds and by the time I was paying for it, she had stopped crying. She is already 5 months and getting so big so fast! She goes to bed at 6pm and wakes up around 6am. She is our morning baby. Both boys would rather stay up and sleep in, well now they go to bed by 8 and get up around 7:30ish. I can't complain.
Conner is getting to the age of always wanting to play games. This is him hiding for hide and seek. It was so funny, the other day it was my turn to hide. We were just in my room and Conner was standing in front of the door, so I go into the bathroom and stand in the shower. Conner is looking everywhere and I say his name so he steps into the bathroom and can see me in the mirror. I smile and wave. He takes a step forward but then he can't see me so he stepped back so he could see me in the mirror again. He did this back and forth about 10 times before I peaked my head out of the curtain and he yelled "I found you!" hahaha.... he couldn't understand how he could see me in the mirror and then not see where I was!

He also repeats EVERYTHING I say. Luckily it's nothing bad. He says "that's strange" and I didn't know he knew that word until I caught myself saying it a couple of times. While driving them to school one morning we were sitting at a red light and Conner asked, "Mom, what does red mean?" "Red means stop." "Oh mama, you are so smart!" haha, yes I am, thank you very much son! I tell him all the time how smart he is and now he does it to others! I love passing on that positive thinking because there is not enough of that in this world.
Hannah can roll over now onto her belly. She also loves grabbing her toes. Sometimes it is hard getting a clean diaper on because she won't let go. And then when she lets go of her toes she grabs your arm. She is such a cuddle bug and love being around people.
She is great to put to sleep though. She doesn't want to be rocked or anything. Just lay her in her crib and put on the mobile and she is asleep before the music is off, it is heavenly!

Trying to get all three kids looking in the same direction can be very difficult! But at least it shows their personalities.....Conner is never wearing any clothes, we are lucky if he has undies on! and he is ALWAYS hungry! Josh cries for his pants to be put back on even when changing a diaper and he is always thirsty and Hannah just kind of hangs out...she loves her brothers so much. They can get her to smile and laugh so easily it almost makes me jealous!!

Conner and Josh get along GREAT! The are such good buddies. It is so hard if one of them is sleeping because the other wants to go wake him up to have somebody to play with it. It is cute but at them same time it would be better if they both took naps together!!! yeah!!!

Kids are a ton of work and hard work, but they are so much fun!!!! I love my three crazy kids, I don't know what I would do without them!