Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Doctor Visit

So, yesturday I had my doctor apointment for the pregnancy. Of course, little Hercules is measuring HUGE!!! And, he is a wiggly worm. It took them nearly 15 min. because he wouldn't stop moving. My stomach was doing waves. The nurse just kept laughing, and my belly was just covered with the jelly stuff from it!! And I am measuring 3 weeks early still. My next apt. is Dec. 2 and will have to start doing ultra sounds again at each apointment to make sure little Herc has everything he needs and is healthy. They may have to induce me early if there is any question about anything. Being so uncomfortable that sound good, however I do know my chance for a c-section dramatically increases especially if he is to big. So that does make me a little nervous. But, I know everything will work out and it will be worth it. It would be nice to have the baby Early, however, not being close to any family makes the planning a little more difficult with Conner. And with a lot of our friends up here taking off for Christmas soon our choices are even more limited. So I told my sister Melanie she is on-call and may have to drive up from Provo to help me out! I guess only time will tell. Maybe it will all work out and I won't have the baby until Dec. 26 and my mom will be here and the only problem will be my comfort.
The move is going pretty well. I would say 75% is done. We still have a little more unpacking and organizing to do, but it will hopefully be done soon. I have had some help with Conner which is nice but he is still taking apart the house so it is taking me a lot longer to get things done. So, I'm excited for Thanksgiving and all the food!! And Kyle's birthday on Sunday and cake!!! The holidays are the best!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

7 times in 23 months

So, we are finally in our new apartment but far from being done unpacking! I counted today, and we have moves 7 times in the past 23 months! Ever since Kyle and I have been married basically. We started, Appletree (rexburg), Brooks Landing (Modesto, CA), Kati and Seth (Frisco, TX), Heartland (Rexburg), House with Blue roof (Rexburg), Brick House (Rexburg), and Main Street Station (Rexburg). Count them all... and 7 times!! That averages to us moving every 3 months. I guess the positive side is that we can't be pack rats. We get ride of things and have DI boxes with every move. Hopefully this is the last time we move in Rexburg!! It better be!!! Our contract here goes through May and then we will be out of here. The hardest part now is being so pregnant. I only have a month left, and everything I need to do to get ready for the new baby has now been doubled in having to put everything away. Kyle is such a great husband! I could tell I was starting to over work myself today and he made me sit on the bed and gave me a foot rub. Then I got to relax on the bed and just tell him where I wanted everything to be put. Who could ask for anyone better?!?!?!?
Conner has been having a lot of fun exploring everything and today he discovered how fun it can be to unroll the toilet paper from the roll (our other houses didn't have the roll dispenser things for him to enjoy). So that has been interesting trying to keep him entertained and get stuff done. Right now, his room is a mess so his mattress is on the floor in our room and he is sleeping there tonight. Luckily he won't ever remember sleeping on the floor!! haha...
We are excited to go to the family ward tomorrow. But it will be interesting sharing the building with 3 other wards at the same time. Kyle says he gives us 3 Sundays before we both have callings. I guess we will see. Part of me wants to be in primary again. I love it!! And Conner only has 4 1/2 months until he goes to nursery!!! I'm pretty excited for that. Of course, I'll have another one to chase after soon anyway, but one day I won't have to worry about bringing Cheerios and juice and pray a tantrum doesn't start. But I know I need to cherish these time b/c they don't last forever and Conner is already growing up so fast. I love the song by Trace Adkins, I think it is called Your Gonna Miss This, it makes me cry every time. Well, I'm really tired and need to head off to bed, hopefully I will be comfortable enough to get to sleep!! Gotta love pregnancy!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

So, Kyle and I just got back from the much needed trip to the temple. It is amazing how calming and peaceful the temple is, and no matter how many times you go you can still learn more. It was a completely full session, and three people were actually there taking out their own endowments, so of course all the family was there for them. It was great to remember going through my first time in Columbus. And I have a greater appreciation for Elizabeth the mother of John the Baptist when she says that her son jumps in her womb when Mary the mother of Jesus comes by. Little Josh was just going crazy inside me the whole time, and I will admit it got pretty uncomfortable, but he must have just known where he was and was so excited about it. Now, I'm super hungry, so Kyle being a wonderful husband is making us dinner, and Conner just went to bed, so I am taking advantage of the time.
Kyle and I actually found an apartment that is pretty nice and will give us our basic needs. And the best part is that it is subsidized, or however you spell that. So it is much cheaper then other places and we will have a dishwasher again!! Oh, the little things in life you don't realize how much you miss until you don't have it anymore. The boys will be sharing a pretty small room, and Conner will probably have his mattress on the floor, but the nice thing is he won't remember it!! haha... so we will find out Monday if we were approved and get to move in this week. It's a real blessing though because all the other subsidized housing is on long, and I mean long waiting lists. So, hopefully it will all work out and we can move in sooner rather then later.
Conner has been very needed lately. Maybe he is teething again... it never ends!! and we actually played a little game because he would not let anyone else other then myself hold him. So Kyle stood at the other side of the room and would take a step towards me holding Conner. As soon as Kyle took a step forward Conner would yell and whip around and grab my neck. If Kyle took a step backwards Conner would just watch him closely, and as soon as Kyle would step forward again Conner would yell and grab me again. It was pretty funny, but I will admit, it is getting really hard for me to hold him all the time now. He is getting so heavy for me, and it doesn't help my belly gets in the way. But, I know I need to enjoy this time because it is already flying by. We have so many blessings in life, and it's our job to realize how blessed we truly are.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Today I am officially 32 weeks! I haven't taked any pictures of the belly throughout this pregnancy, and fianally this morning took the first one. I almost feel guilty because I took them at least every two weeks with Conner, I guess because this isn't the first one.... and I already think I am bigger with this baby then I ever was with Conner. None of my clothes are fitting at all. I am down to only 3 shirts that fit, and 2 pairs of pants. So, obviously they just get rotated every day. Other then that, I just wear Kyle's clothes! I have a feeling that Conner is soooo good, because his little brother that will be here next month will be a handful! We are still working on the name, well kind of. Kyle really wants a Kyle Eugene Hercules Jr. However, I already mix up Kyle and Conner's name, and adding another Kyle would be crazy for me. Plus, my sister Melanie is planning on getting married to a guy named Kyle as well. So I don't think so. I really want the name to be Joshua Kenneth Hercules. So I call the baby Josh, and Kyle calls him Kyle Jr. so we may comprimise and name him Joshua Kyle. I still think if I go through the pain of labor and delivery, I should at least get to pick the name. But Kyle says he is the one blessing the baby, so he can change the name!! Oh, the joys of parenthood!! It will all work out though, and the baby's name will be Joshua!!
Conner is walking all over the place now, he hardly crawls anymore. It's pretty nice because he can entertain himself so much more. And I rotate a load of laundry and I'm just EXHAUSTED!! So, it's really hard for me to play with him all day. Poor Kyle, I put so much on him, since it's so hard for me to get anything done these days. But Kyle is the best husband, and does sooo much for us! I don't know what I would do without him. We also recently found out that my mom will be flying out Dec. 25-Jan. 5. It will be soooo great to have her help. And we will be moving during that week too, so her help couldn't come at a better time. At least Kyle will be graduating in April, and maybe we can move closer to family. It all just depends on if Kyle is hired as a seminary teacher by the church. He is doing great student teaching and I'm really excited for him. Well, Conner is getting into things he shouldn't be, so I should go, but I think I'll be blogging a lot more now that I am getting it!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Finally another post!!

So, I'm still learning how to use this blog thing... Kyle is much better at computer stuff then I am, but I try!! I figured since it has been about 7 months since the last post it was about time. It just seems that with facebook and e-mails I just usually do that, but I just have the urge. Maybe it's a pregnancy thing!! haha, thankfully I'm due NEXT MONTH!!! This pregnancy has definently gone by much faster then being pregnant with Conner. And speaking of Conner, he looked sooo cute for Halloween!! We were the "Farmer Family" and Kyle took advantage of being bald and we painted a Jack-O-Lantern on the back of his head!!! It was great!!
We went Trick or Treating all over town. It was great, and a lot of fun, luckily it wasn't to cold yet. However, today of course it started snowing again!! And we found out that we have to move again. So, we are looking at our different options. It's just not going to be fun with the weather changing so much and being so pregnant. And this little guy inside my belly is already a ball of energy! He moves sooo much, and I'm very uncomfortable, but it will be done soon, and then I'm sure I will be missing feeling him move. Well, trying to attach the pictures is driving me crazy, because they won't go where I want them. Hahahaha. And we need to go to bed b/c Kyle has to wake up super early. I'm sure I will get better at this blog thing!