Saturday, November 15, 2008

7 times in 23 months

So, we are finally in our new apartment but far from being done unpacking! I counted today, and we have moves 7 times in the past 23 months! Ever since Kyle and I have been married basically. We started, Appletree (rexburg), Brooks Landing (Modesto, CA), Kati and Seth (Frisco, TX), Heartland (Rexburg), House with Blue roof (Rexburg), Brick House (Rexburg), and Main Street Station (Rexburg). Count them all... and 7 times!! That averages to us moving every 3 months. I guess the positive side is that we can't be pack rats. We get ride of things and have DI boxes with every move. Hopefully this is the last time we move in Rexburg!! It better be!!! Our contract here goes through May and then we will be out of here. The hardest part now is being so pregnant. I only have a month left, and everything I need to do to get ready for the new baby has now been doubled in having to put everything away. Kyle is such a great husband! I could tell I was starting to over work myself today and he made me sit on the bed and gave me a foot rub. Then I got to relax on the bed and just tell him where I wanted everything to be put. Who could ask for anyone better?!?!?!?
Conner has been having a lot of fun exploring everything and today he discovered how fun it can be to unroll the toilet paper from the roll (our other houses didn't have the roll dispenser things for him to enjoy). So that has been interesting trying to keep him entertained and get stuff done. Right now, his room is a mess so his mattress is on the floor in our room and he is sleeping there tonight. Luckily he won't ever remember sleeping on the floor!! haha...
We are excited to go to the family ward tomorrow. But it will be interesting sharing the building with 3 other wards at the same time. Kyle says he gives us 3 Sundays before we both have callings. I guess we will see. Part of me wants to be in primary again. I love it!! And Conner only has 4 1/2 months until he goes to nursery!!! I'm pretty excited for that. Of course, I'll have another one to chase after soon anyway, but one day I won't have to worry about bringing Cheerios and juice and pray a tantrum doesn't start. But I know I need to cherish these time b/c they don't last forever and Conner is already growing up so fast. I love the song by Trace Adkins, I think it is called Your Gonna Miss This, it makes me cry every time. Well, I'm really tired and need to head off to bed, hopefully I will be comfortable enough to get to sleep!! Gotta love pregnancy!

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