Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Doctor Visit

So, yesturday I had my doctor apointment for the pregnancy. Of course, little Hercules is measuring HUGE!!! And, he is a wiggly worm. It took them nearly 15 min. because he wouldn't stop moving. My stomach was doing waves. The nurse just kept laughing, and my belly was just covered with the jelly stuff from it!! And I am measuring 3 weeks early still. My next apt. is Dec. 2 and will have to start doing ultra sounds again at each apointment to make sure little Herc has everything he needs and is healthy. They may have to induce me early if there is any question about anything. Being so uncomfortable that sound good, however I do know my chance for a c-section dramatically increases especially if he is to big. So that does make me a little nervous. But, I know everything will work out and it will be worth it. It would be nice to have the baby Early, however, not being close to any family makes the planning a little more difficult with Conner. And with a lot of our friends up here taking off for Christmas soon our choices are even more limited. So I told my sister Melanie she is on-call and may have to drive up from Provo to help me out! I guess only time will tell. Maybe it will all work out and I won't have the baby until Dec. 26 and my mom will be here and the only problem will be my comfort.
The move is going pretty well. I would say 75% is done. We still have a little more unpacking and organizing to do, but it will hopefully be done soon. I have had some help with Conner which is nice but he is still taking apart the house so it is taking me a lot longer to get things done. So, I'm excited for Thanksgiving and all the food!! And Kyle's birthday on Sunday and cake!!! The holidays are the best!


The Thalman's said...

Wow, I hope you don't have to have a c/s. That would be really rough. Good luck!

MommaC said...

sarah, you amaze me! Keep that positive attitude, rest when you can, and know that you are loved more than you can imagine!

Alma and Nicole Smith said...

hey sarah! i just found your blog from Genn. we missed you at the dinner tonight for the pre-service class! i was looking forward to seeing you. good luck with the baby!!!