Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hannah Banana

It is a little past Hannah's birthday, and by a little I mean 2 weeks little.... I almost just waited till exactly 1 month, but I can do it now:) So here is my little post just for Hannah!

I have decided that birthdays should not be about the kid. Because, what is it the mom thinks about when it is birthday time? It looks like this, "wow, 1 year ago, (or 2, 3, 4,...) I was in labour. I endured ________, I went through ___________, and I felt like ___________ to bring you into the world. I can't believe it has been a whole year since I did that!" Don't lie! You know you have this same conversation for every birthday! It may only be in your head, but it is still there. So, birthdays should be about the mother who went get the child here. It makes sense, the more kids you have, the more celebration you deserve! ok, ok, I'm only mostly joking here.... back to Hannah.

Truely I can't believe Hannah is a year old already! She is so stinking cute!!! She brings so much into our family. For any twihards out there, if you remember the special power Jasper has of influencing people, that is Hannah. Yes, if Hannah were a vampire, she would control your feelings :) She is very compelling. Everyone that meets her instantly falls in love with her. It's like they just can't help it. She is best friends with EVERYBODY. No problems going to strangers for this little social butterfly. Even today at church, she walks to the pew in front of us and smiles at the couple like she belongs with them. They pick her up and play with her till sacrament was over. Then Kyle had her in priesthood and the husband of that couple took her again and played with her for 40min. Really? What dad in priesthood would take a child that wasn't theirs? Maybe in Relief Society yes, but priesthood? There is just something about her that people are drawn to.

She really is a social butterfly. She has to be with somebody all the time! She loves playing and just being involved with what is going on. And if she doesn't like something, she will let you know. She is not afraid to get in there and hit, kick, bite anything. I guess with 2 big brothers she has to hold her own!

She is super close to walking all the time. She can take about 6-8 steps by herself before she thinks she needs to grab on to something. She is ALWAYS in PINK! I love having a little girl to dress up. Now, if only she would grow some hair! I have seriously considered shaving her baby hair off so that the other hair will grow in, but I just can't get myself to get rid of the little hair she does have....

Hannah loves to sleep in. If we let her, she will sleep till 10 or 11 in the morning and wake up talking and chatting. But we usually wake her up to take daddy to work about 7:30 and even then she gets up all smiles.

Hannah is such a sweet little girl. And I'm so excited to continue to get to know her!

Monday, October 3, 2011


With today being Conner's birthday and seeing as how I haven't blogged since April... I thought I would do a quick blog on my big 4 yr old.

shake a tower

So yesterday between sessions I was going to go take a shower, but to be silly I told Conner I was going to shake a tower. He started laughing and said, "MOM! You can't shake a tower! Towers don't shake!"

pad flying

This happened about 2-3 months ago, but so funny it is worth blogging about. We were in sacrament meeting and Josh was having an off day, so Kyle had to take him out in the hall. I'm in the pew with Hannah and Conner, feeding Hannah a bottle. Conner is looking through the diaper bag and finds a wrapped pad in a pocket that apparently isn't as hidden as I thought. He opens it and as quietly as possible I'm trying to grab it from him. yes, this is all going on while the prayers are being said to pass the sacrament.... I am about to grab it and put it away when Conner decides if he can't have it I can't either so it throws it and it flies a few pews behind us!!! I am mortified and send Conner after it. He army crawls under the pews to retrieve it and of course little snickers are happening. So when he gets back to our pew a reach for it again and what does the little stinker do? He throws it forward this time! It lands a few pews in front of us... thank goodness it didn't land in somebody's hair and get stuck or something! But yes, our side of sacrament got to witness a flying pad that Sunday...

gotta dance

Conner loves to dance. There are quiet a few times when I ask him to do something and he says, "hang on mama, I just gotta dance first" it is super cute. He loves the song with the words "tonight's going to be a good night" he sings that all the time.

see big butt

I probably shouldn't but, when going up the stairs I tell Conner, "I see your little butt" and give him a little tap, and when I talk to all the kids I saw something like, "Come on little butts, lets go." Well, Conner has started to call me "Big Butt" he says, "mama, I see your big butt!" and taps my bumm... haha, probably need to break that habit before he goes to school...

he has gas

This happened a bit ago too. We were at Walmart....enough said :) And there was a sweet old man in one of those scooter things. Both boys were in the basket and as we were passing this man, the man started to talk to the kids. Asking their names and whatnot. Well, in the middle of the conversation his scooter made a funny noise and Conner loudly exclaims, "mom! he has gas!!" Yep, we walked quickly away after that.

clothes don't like me

I take lots of pictures of the kiddos, but the thing that is seen the most in Conner's pictures is that he is not wearing any clothes... Underwear is his preferred method of clothing and that is all. And that is probably because I make him at least wear undies. It never fails, as soon as he gets in the door he starts stripping. The one item he leaves on other then his undies are his black Lightning McQueen tennis shoes that light up when he walks. It is really funny to see him in his undies and tennis shoes, but anyway. He always has some excuse to take off his clothes, he spilled water on them, Joshie bit him, Hannah drooled on him, etc... but my favorite is when he just says, "mom, my clothes just don't like me" haha...he is so creative!

Those are the only stories I can remember right now to celebrate his first four years. He really is a funny, smart, wonderful kid and I'm excited for the next 40 years!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A blogging day

I think Conner must secretly read our blog and if doesn't say enough about him he has to do something big enough to get me to write about, Conner if you are reading this, here is your blog about you.....

I will start with a few funny things he said over the past few days. I think the last time I wrote I wrote about the Dr. Suess Green eggs and applesauce story. Well the following Sunday we were getting ready for church and Conner said he didn't want to go. So I asked where he did want to go and he thinks then yells, "Neverland!" haha, little boys!!! Too cute!

Then the other day Conner was looking at my hair using a lego as a "telescope" when he turned and said, lets look at daddy's hair. I pointed out that daddy didn't have any hair. Conner replied, "well we need to go to the store and buy him some more hair." Why didn't I think of that!!!! Man he makes me laugh.

Then yesterday happened. Kyle and I affectionatley call days that had a lot of stuff happen, blogging days, because it is always the best stuff to post on a blog. And yesterday was deffenintly a blogging day!

I'm still not sure when, but at some point Conner found one of my Mary Kay lipsticks somewhere and he put it in his lunch box. After I buckled him in his carseat he asked to hold his lunchbox. Thinking it was empty I just gave it to him. Well by the time we got to the store I turned around and that lipstick he was hiding was used to color his window. So now the back window in the van has some beautiful artwork for all to see. There wasn't much I could do about it going into the store, and it is still there....

Later on in the day I was noticing it was a little quite. Any mother knows that either means their kid feel asleep somewhere, or TROUBLE! I go upstairs and find Conner buck naked sitting on the bathroom sink with his toothpaste EVERYWHERE! Covering him, the counter, the mirror, the sink, everywhere. And maybe it is just me, but toothpaste is hard to clean up. So, all the kids just got a bath....

A little later, once again quite and by now we are on a roll so I know something is up. I go upstairs and find Conner has found all the diaper ointment stash and he must of thought Hannah's floor needed some because it is all over her carpet. Great, thanks son.

And then I'm feeding Hannah and out of the kitchen walks Conner with a cup overflowing with milk. So I quickly get up to sip the top for him not thinking that if it was overflowing where I was that probably meant it was overflowing where he poured the milk. I follow the milk trail to the kitchen and covering the floor is milk. But the best part is Conner had grabbed a washcloth and put it in the middle of the spill to "clean it up." I just started laughing, I wish I had taken a picture as that poor little washcloth had no chance against the quart of milk all over the floor.

Needless to say Conner spent a lot of time in time-out yesterday. But we had a great "blogging day." I am very grateful for the patience I was blessed with yesterday because I really handled it well, of course I still have the lipstick in the car, the desatin on Hannah's floor and the oven....oh the oven.

This wasn't Conner but on Fri I used the oven to cook some garlic bread, well there must have been something in there because it catches on fire. The whole inside is full of flames and the smoke alarm is going off. So Hannah wakes up. My babysitter was over because I was supposed to be leaving for a Mary Kay conference. I wasn't sure what to do so I grab the baking soda or powder whichever one you keep in the fridge and opened the stove door and just poured that stuff everywhere. It worked great putting out the flames but now the inside of the oven is, well it needs some attention, so we haven't been able to use it.

With all of this I will probably be paying my cleaning lady a little extra this week....

Saturday, March 26, 2011

pics and funny sayings

These pics of Hannah were taken by the babysitter. She changed them with an app on her iphone and I thought they were super cute so I wanted to share.

It has been in the 80s here and Hannah is ready! She is such a diva already!
I thought this was so funny! Josh is just like Kyle!!!
This is Conner's forced smile. He is so cute!
Hannah loves her bouncer! She jumps up and down like crazy and spins around to play with all of the toys. It is great to get a little break and let he play. We bought this toy when Conner was a baby and I'm happy we have gotten so much use out of it!

Conner is definitely MY son. I know I have said before how much he copies what I say. He is always saying, Gee Wiz! and That's strange. It is funny but the other night he said something that really made me laugh...

As part of his dinner he had applesauce on his plate. He loves applesauce! But for some reason he wasn't eating it. I said, "Conner will you eat your applesauce?" He looks me straight in the face and without missing a beat says, "Mama, if you will let me be, I will try them you will see." Then he takes a big bite and exclaims, "Hey I like applesauce, green eggs, and ham, I do!!!" hahahaha, it was so funny! He loves the book Green Eggs and Ham and for Christmas from Grandma/pa Conners he got the movie which he loves watching. It was just so funny coming from him without any prompting at all. I love hearing what that little mind is thinking.

Josh is the greatest little helper. He loves unloading the dishwasher, and by that he just throws all the silverware in the drawer so you know Josh has helped if the forks are where the spoons go and whatnot. He also loves helping with laundry. He does know how to throw a mean tantrum and you don't want any appendage near his mouth if he is mad as he will bite it off. But he is really a sweet little guy with the best smile. He thinks it is so funny to pretend to eat something and he loves feeding mommy and daddy.

Hannah is getting so big! She can roll over now and is really a happy baby. She is growing so fast and is in all 6 month clothes and some 9 months. She is only 5 months old!!!! But she is so beautiful! Everyone always comments on her big bright beautiful eyes. She is sleeping mostly through the night. About 6pm-6am and wakes up sometimes once to eat. She loves her rice cereal especially when made with juice. And she is a daddy's girl through and through! She loves her daddy and just lights up with huge smiles when she sees him. It is so cute!

Well now I have bragged on all my kids, but I'm sure there will be more funny instances coming soon...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Which is which?

  1. I just think it is so cute to look at them when there were all first born to look at similarities and whatnot. Can you tell which is which? Hint...they are not in order


"Wow mom! Hannah is a princess!" This was Conner's reaction when I first put Hannah in this dress. Obviously it took some getting used to, but Hannah sure had fun playing with it and she look so so so cute!!
We did have her little ears pierced. They are pink, but it is actually her birthstone so that worked out nicely! She was so good when they did it. She only cried for like 20 seconds and by the time I was paying for it, she had stopped crying. She is already 5 months and getting so big so fast! She goes to bed at 6pm and wakes up around 6am. She is our morning baby. Both boys would rather stay up and sleep in, well now they go to bed by 8 and get up around 7:30ish. I can't complain.
Conner is getting to the age of always wanting to play games. This is him hiding for hide and seek. It was so funny, the other day it was my turn to hide. We were just in my room and Conner was standing in front of the door, so I go into the bathroom and stand in the shower. Conner is looking everywhere and I say his name so he steps into the bathroom and can see me in the mirror. I smile and wave. He takes a step forward but then he can't see me so he stepped back so he could see me in the mirror again. He did this back and forth about 10 times before I peaked my head out of the curtain and he yelled "I found you!" hahaha.... he couldn't understand how he could see me in the mirror and then not see where I was!

He also repeats EVERYTHING I say. Luckily it's nothing bad. He says "that's strange" and I didn't know he knew that word until I caught myself saying it a couple of times. While driving them to school one morning we were sitting at a red light and Conner asked, "Mom, what does red mean?" "Red means stop." "Oh mama, you are so smart!" haha, yes I am, thank you very much son! I tell him all the time how smart he is and now he does it to others! I love passing on that positive thinking because there is not enough of that in this world.
Hannah can roll over now onto her belly. She also loves grabbing her toes. Sometimes it is hard getting a clean diaper on because she won't let go. And then when she lets go of her toes she grabs your arm. She is such a cuddle bug and love being around people.
She is great to put to sleep though. She doesn't want to be rocked or anything. Just lay her in her crib and put on the mobile and she is asleep before the music is off, it is heavenly!

Trying to get all three kids looking in the same direction can be very difficult! But at least it shows their personalities.....Conner is never wearing any clothes, we are lucky if he has undies on! and he is ALWAYS hungry! Josh cries for his pants to be put back on even when changing a diaper and he is always thirsty and Hannah just kind of hangs out...she loves her brothers so much. They can get her to smile and laugh so easily it almost makes me jealous!!

Conner and Josh get along GREAT! The are such good buddies. It is so hard if one of them is sleeping because the other wants to go wake him up to have somebody to play with it. It is cute but at them same time it would be better if they both took naps together!!! yeah!!!

Kids are a ton of work and hard work, but they are so much fun!!!! I love my three crazy kids, I don't know what I would do without them!

Monday, January 24, 2011

What a day!

Friday morning started off at 3:30am when Hannah woke up. I fed her and got her back to sleep by 4 and everything was fine. Kyle's alarm went off about 6:30 and he got up. He opened our bedroom door and was like "uh, Sarah" so I get up and low and behold a pipe under our sink burst and our ENTIRE first floor of our town home was completely flooded! 2in from the kitchen all the way to the front door and it was seeping into our room and our bathroom was! I call maintenance, Kyle gets a sub and we start trying to save anything we can. The maintenance came and started water vacuuming everything. I took the kids to Kyle's parents to keep them out of the way. I am very grateful we have laminate floors and luckily we didn't have any electronics or anything on the floor. Really the only thing is the rug, I still don't know if the smell will leave it enough to keep using it. So, our place still smells like a basement...and the really annoying thing was they just thew all of our stuff in the garage. So when I got back I had that to deal with. But at least with all of this happening our couches were moved and cleaned under them and our carpet in the bedroom was cleaned! We are going to try a humidifier thing to get ride of the smell and my cleaning lady is coming Wed. so that should help too.

This morning went well. We go to MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) and it is a tone of fun! We left to be there by 9 and I was totally ready and doing well. I get the kids in their coats and run to my closet to grab my shoes. I wanted to wear my black shoes to match so I slip one on and then the other and take off. I was at the MOPS meeting for over an hour and I had my legs crossed. I looked down and saw I had on my blue flat shoe that had little decorative holes in it. "That's funny" I thought, "I thought I wore my black flats with the big flower on the toe to match." So I looked at my other foot and saw my black flat. Yes, that is right I wore 2 different shoes! I have never done that before!!! And it wasn't like they were similar, no, one was blue with holes and the other was black with a big flower!! hahaha!!! Really?!?!? I start laughing and of course had to tell the other moms I was sitting with. That's when you know you have 3 kids ages 3 and under when you wear 2 different shoes and I wasn't even in a hurry to get ready!!! Anyway, pretty funny stuff! You have to love being a mom!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mavs Game

For Christmas I got Kyle tickets to see the Mavs/Lakers play. Last night was the big event. As soon as Kyle got home we changed into our "Mavs gear" and dropped the kids of at Grandma and Grandpas. If anyone reading this doesn't have kids, you have no idea the feeling of joy it is to just leave the kids and have a night out. Not that I don't love them, I do terribly, but holy cow a night off is heavenly. Anyway, we went to a restaurant called the Cotten Patch. I love it because it has unlimited rolls which are divine (but I had to work super hard this morning in my workout to work those babies off!) We actually had a coupon for a free dinner for 2 which made the food taste even better!

After our fabulous dinner we drove downtown. We found parking for $15 bucks! And that was even farther away. Man those people have to make a killing charging each car 15-20 just for a few hours. Anyway we speed walked to the American Airlines Center and found our seats. We were probably about 15 rows from the top but we could still see everything. The worst part though was we were surrounded by Lakers fans! But they were all really nice even with that shortcoming.

The game was a lot of fun. The Mavs had the lead for like the first min then the Lakers took the lead for the rest of the first half. Half time was fun. They had these Flipper Guys from Memphis. It was amazing everything they could do. There were 4 of them and 3 were what you would expect. Very toned and muscular then the 4th guy was a big guy. No joke, like a gut and everything, but holy cow!he was so good!!! He was flipping across the whole court with the rest of them. It was impressive. They also had a Mavs Drum line that played throughout the game.

The 2nd half was really exciting. The Mavs made a comeback and took the lead. Cobe Bryant was really good hitting some amazing shots, but nothing really crazy. The game ended 109-101 or something like that. Great job Mavs!!!

I think the worst part about going to games and stuff is leaving with all the drunk crazies. And of course they were all Lakers fans, because Mavs fans would never act like that.....

We took the stairs down and once we hit the bottom level we could hear the drum line. I thought they were on the court again or something doing another show, but low and behold they were like right there with a crowd of people dancing. So of course Kyle and I joined in with dancing and yelling "Let's go Mavs!!" It was funny because there was this big black lady who was a Lakers fan in the middle dancing with the drummers. Then the guys that only wear underwear and paint themselves blue with white lettering on their chests (you know what I'm talking about, somehow the always seem to be at every sporting event) so, there were probably 5 of them and the all make a tight circle around her and start dancing. It was so funny!!! She was a good sport about it and they all even hugged afterward.

Then we came home to all of our kids asleep, what a perfect world!!! I forgot my camera though so we took some pictures at the house just to document the event. Again, it was a ton of fun and I'm excited for the next game!

Monday, January 17, 2011

family pics

It has been a long time since I have posted. So much has happened, and I honestly don't really feel like writing it all...haha...but over the Christmas holiday we had family pictures done in Ohio with my whole family so I did want to post some pictures. It was very interesting trying to work with a 3 and 2 year old who didn't really want to take pictures, but it is funny seeing the sequence of them so here some of them are....

ok, well i obviously need to work on my blogging. I wrote the first part, then put the pics up and they showed up before the words...whatever, it's all there somewhere....