Monday, January 24, 2011

What a day!

Friday morning started off at 3:30am when Hannah woke up. I fed her and got her back to sleep by 4 and everything was fine. Kyle's alarm went off about 6:30 and he got up. He opened our bedroom door and was like "uh, Sarah" so I get up and low and behold a pipe under our sink burst and our ENTIRE first floor of our town home was completely flooded! 2in from the kitchen all the way to the front door and it was seeping into our room and our bathroom was! I call maintenance, Kyle gets a sub and we start trying to save anything we can. The maintenance came and started water vacuuming everything. I took the kids to Kyle's parents to keep them out of the way. I am very grateful we have laminate floors and luckily we didn't have any electronics or anything on the floor. Really the only thing is the rug, I still don't know if the smell will leave it enough to keep using it. So, our place still smells like a basement...and the really annoying thing was they just thew all of our stuff in the garage. So when I got back I had that to deal with. But at least with all of this happening our couches were moved and cleaned under them and our carpet in the bedroom was cleaned! We are going to try a humidifier thing to get ride of the smell and my cleaning lady is coming Wed. so that should help too.

This morning went well. We go to MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) and it is a tone of fun! We left to be there by 9 and I was totally ready and doing well. I get the kids in their coats and run to my closet to grab my shoes. I wanted to wear my black shoes to match so I slip one on and then the other and take off. I was at the MOPS meeting for over an hour and I had my legs crossed. I looked down and saw I had on my blue flat shoe that had little decorative holes in it. "That's funny" I thought, "I thought I wore my black flats with the big flower on the toe to match." So I looked at my other foot and saw my black flat. Yes, that is right I wore 2 different shoes! I have never done that before!!! And it wasn't like they were similar, no, one was blue with holes and the other was black with a big flower!! hahaha!!! Really?!?!? I start laughing and of course had to tell the other moms I was sitting with. That's when you know you have 3 kids ages 3 and under when you wear 2 different shoes and I wasn't even in a hurry to get ready!!! Anyway, pretty funny stuff! You have to love being a mom!!

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