Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finally a break!

This past week has been HARD!!! Mama Hercules, Lynda, and Ben got back from a vacation in Florida and brought colds with them. Then Conner got it and of course past it to Joshie. Somehow Josh has been sick since last Sat. On Sat he just slept the whole day, I couldn't put him down, but at least he was just sleeping. So, Kyle stayed home with him on Sunday and he slept a lot but seemed to be doing better. Then on Monday I felt like crap! Plus Joshie got worse. Poor Conner had to pretty much fend for himself. Lets just say he has been watching a lot of cartoons... Luckily, I was feeling a little better by Tues but Josh just got worse. All day yesterday and today he has just been screaming all day and nothing would make him happy. He has had the squirts pretty bad. The Tylenol kept his temp down, but that is about all it did. We all just needed to get out of the house today so we went to the store and I found some cute pj's for the kids. Tonight after dinner I got them dressed in their new duds and they were so cute in matching outfits! Not 10 min later Josh EXPLODED!!! All over his new pj's. So, I striped him down and fixed him up. The good news is though that he has been walking around laughing and talking and being his normal self ever since that explosion, hopefully it all came out with that. So, I'm praying tomorrow will be a much more relaxing day.

Little baby Hannah (that's what I call her even though we haven't found out for sure it's a girl) is now a little bigger then a cherry! Yeah for fruit babies!!! I have been getting more nauseous throughout the day, so whatever sounds fine without making me want to puke is what I eat whether it is an apple or fries. The other day I tried making 3 different things for lunch, would take a bite and couldn't handle it. That gets a little annoying. My belly is also looking great with the old stretch marks from the previous kiddos and now I have little bruises all over from the shots. They really aren't bad to give them to myself, but I always smell rubbing alcohol randomly. Another blessing of Kyle being a waiter is the fact that unless he is closing lunch he is usually home everyday between 2-4 so that tends to be my nap time. It also means less time with the hubby, but makes me much happier the rest of the day! So, now that Josh is fine, Conner is great (except I just noticed one of his eyes is red...gee wiz) Kyle is healthy, and myself plus baby are doing great, we can't complain!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Blueberry!

I have a blueberry inside of me! Well, ok, it's just the size of a blueberry, but it is really a baby! The internet says at 7 1/2 weeks that's the size she is. I'm due around October 21 however will probably need to be induced early because of the blood thinner situation. So, we will see. Here is what happened...

As I've mentioned in previous posts I can't take any birth control with a hormone because it thickens my blood to much and it clots. I have been taking Coumadin every day to thin my blood out. The doc said I could go off the meds in March and we would start trying to have a baby then. However, there was one night and I can tell you the exact night, where I could have been still fertile (obviously was) and lets just say extra measures were not taken.... This will get a little personal, just a warning. So, my periods are typically 40 days apart however after the night in question I started spotting at around 33 days. And then it got heavy enough I thought it was my period just early. The only non-normal part was that my temps were getting higher and higher every day. For those of you not familiar with the Fertility Awareness Method, every morning I take my temperature and there are normal highs and lows. For me, before I have ovulated my temps are around 95.6-96.4 but during this particular period they were up in the 98s. Really weird for me. I thought they would go down after my period, but they didn't. So, after about a week and reading through my book and not finding any answers I called my cousin how is great with this stuff. So I told her everything that was happening and she asked if I could be pregnant. I thought of course not, I just had my period. Well, she suggested taking a test just to role it out but to maybe talk to a doc and let her know. For some reason I did have a test in the house so I decided it was probably smart to role it out. I didn't even have to wait, that thing came back positive in like .2 seconds! I couldn't believe it! I actually called Kyle at work and told him I was freaking out! He was happy though.

After that, we went to Planned Parenthood to get the test there so I could have proof for WIC and Medicaid. And that one was positive. I was told I needed to stop taking the coumadin now though (it can cause birth defects) I have to give myself 2 shots a day now of Heprin because that will keep my blood thin through pregnancy and is safe for the baby. Anyway, because of the bleeding that I thought was my period I was worried. I called some friend that just had babies that were on Medicaid and I found out their doctor. So, I call the doc and they said if I haven't been approved yet, I am considered self pay and would have to put down a $1000 deposit! But they said Medicaid would reimburse that. So, we do it and I go in. They do the sonogram and can see a gestation sack, but that's all. I do blood work and go in 2 days later for more. My blood levels didn't go up, so I had to go in again. Apparently your levels are supposed to double every day you are pregnant. My first level was 8,000 and after 5 days it only went up to 13,000, obviously way under what it should have been. So that wasn't good. But I went in for another sonogram and it was pretty funny....

The lady doing the sonogram was like, so your about 8 weeks now right? And I said, "no, I'm closer to 6 because of how long my period are." She was like "Well, according to your last period you are 8 so lets stick with that" ok lady! I've been charting for 7 months and I know I'm not that far along, but whatever you say... and good news, they found the baby and the heartbeat! The heartbeat was 146 beats/min. They said it's great! So they measure her and wouldn't you know she was 6 weeks and 4 days! hhmmm..... who was right? That's right, ME!!! hhahahaha!!!!

Anyway, so the baby looks good and I am actually feeling pretty good. I do get really tired sometimes, but Kyle is really helpful with letting me take naps. But I eat all the time!! Really, physically I'm not to different, but I have limited patience. My poor kids, I really am trying, but some days it's really hard. I told kyle I think it's a girl because of how emotional I am. He said he thinks it's a girl because she is already costing us money! (1000 deposit we won't get back till after I deliver!) Anyway, I've named her Hannah, even though Kyle wants Hailey. I told him he could pick the boys name even if it is Kyle Jr.

So, that's my story, I know it's super long, but I print this off and put it in my journal and I didn't want to have to re-write anything. Yeah, baby Hannah! I'll see you in about 7.5 months!!