Monday, February 22, 2010

Look mama, a Temple!

So the kids have been doing some really funny things lately that I know I wanted to write so I would remember for when they have kids. A few weeks ago I drove with the kids to the Dallas Temple to exchange some garments for Kyle. As soon as we were passing it (mind you I hadn't said a thing) Conner points and says, "A Temple! Temple!" Yeah!!! I am a good mom!!! haha... it was too cute! They were so excited to touch the Temple and Conner wanted to go all the way in, but obviously he still has a few years yet. And today, he was eating a gram cracker and the way he was eating it, it was fat at the bottom and then came up to a point in the middle and Conner says, "Look mama, a Temple!" haha... yeah! Plus, he know all the actions to Book of Mormon stories, I can't take all the credit for that though, I'm sure the nursery helps with that too.

Conner has also resorted to not taking naps, unfortunately. Sometimes it happens, but not usually. Which is hard for me seeing as how I could use naps every day, plus I was taking the kids nap times to make phone calls. Anyway, the kids are in bed at around 7:30pm though since Conner isn't taking a nap. And I can't complain about that, it's great! The hardest thing though is the fact that Joshie's crib is behind the couch in the Family Room still so nobody can be in there past 7:30. But Ben will be leaving in a few months to serve a mission and the boys will probably take his room till we move out.

The other day when it was supposed to be Conner's nap time the kids were being so cute. I blew up balloons with hearts on them for Valentine's Day and somehow they are are still alive! The boys think they are awesome. So, Josh was carrying one and hit everything with it. Conner was chasing him and they thought it was the funniest thing. They were both laughing and laughing. Then I had a travel roll up bag (Mary Kay) filled with all my samples and Conner was running with that and Josh chased him. Then Conner would drop it and Joshie would try to pick it up. He would only be able to carry it like 2 steps before falling, but this was all the cause of lots of laughter. Then Conner yells "Pillows!" and it's like they both new what to do. They ran to the couch, each grabbed a pillow then ran to the other room and threw them. The continued this with 3 pillows each. After all the pillows were piled up both kids ran and jumped on the piles. It was too funny to see them play with each other so much. It makes me happy that they are close brothers. Some days are harder then others, but overall they truly are great kids. And I figure I'll have all our kids close together so we can always have days like this and the best part they will all be out of the house by the time I'm 45! Then Kyle and I can serve missions and things. What a great life I have!

Friday, February 19, 2010

God's Blessings

I am continually grateful for this wonderful life God has blessed me with. Everything is never perfect, nor is it how I would plan it, but I wouldn't change my life for anything. John Bytheway's collection of talks, the 2nd set has a talk titled "Be Thou an Example of the Believers" and WOW it is such a good talk. He must have a big notebook or something (it was recorded in front of an audience) and he says to pretend that each piece of paper is someone in the world. Many people complain about their lives and say they want to trade, but is it really worth it? If you were to take 1000 pieces of paper from that notebook, only 45 of them would be people born in the USA. And of that 45 only 2 would be members of the church. 2!!!! That's .002 chance of getting to be born in the USA and being a member of the church. Each of us that has that privilege, is it just a coincidence or does our Father in Heaven need us on this Earth at this time for something? I believe the latter. I'm not perfect, but if everyone on Earth were like me I can promise we wouldn't need a homicide department in the police force, there wouldn't be Drunk Driving. We wouldn't need to lock our cars/houses. So, I give the world so sososo much! But can I do more, of course. God didn't put me on Earth to not steal anything. He expects greatness because that is what He is. And we are supposed to be like Him.

I am so grateful that he has blessed me with a wonderful, fantastic, nobody is better husband and 2 beautiful children! I am grateful my husband has a job that is providing for us. I'm grateful my in-laws are so caring and giving to let us stay in their home even longer then planned. I'm grateful that Ben and Lynda also put up with us living here and are great with their nephews. I'm grateful for the health we have all been blessed with. I'm grateful we have been the receivers and givers to help when needed. I'm grateful for phones and the internet to keep in contact with my family who live hundreds of miles away. Wow, I am so blessed.

I'm blessed with my Mary Kay business. Since moving to Texas, I stopped working. But I would read my scriptures and have this feeling I needed to start again. I had all the excuses, a new baby, in the hospital, I don't know anyone, we only have 1 car....blah blah blah..... But God kept putting in my heart that He had greater plans for me then I had for myself. One day my director called just to see how I was doing and the whole day I was so much happier. Kyle asked me what was going on and I told him I talked to Holly. I asked how he would feel if I started my Mary Kay business again, and he said "great! You always look HOT when you do it!" haha! So, I finally put myself and me excuses on the shelf and started to bless some women. I LOVE IT!!! I can't explain how much I love blessing other women and being an answer to their prayers. I had a women tell me she had been praying to God for help and here I come along and she knew I was her answer. WOW!! To have someone tell me that is so powerful. I have to repent that it took so long for my thick head to get over itself. I could have been helping so many more women the past ten months. But I can't change that. Now I just need to show my Father in Heaven how grateful I am for his endless blessing. I need to be the best wife, mother, primary worker, Mary Kay Consultant, friend, and disciple of Christ I can possibly be. Any even though I know I can never do enough to show God how grateful I am, I can bless His children and I know that is what I am here to do!