Saturday, November 21, 2009

I need a vacation!

I don't think this day could be any longer.... it's only 6:40pm and it feels like it should be midnight at least. I just try to keep telling myself, we are leaving tomorrow, we are leaving tomorrow. Really everything started yesterday. Kyle has had to be working doubles most of the week so between shift yesterday I needed a little break from the kids. I love them a lot but everyone needs a ten min. break once in a while right? So I go to the bank and then put gas in the car. When I get home I notice that Kyle has the kids upstairs and Josh is just crying and crying. So of course I pick him right up and he calms down, but I come to find out that Kyle was eating some lunch downstairs while catching up on his sports. Meanwhile Conner started climbing up the stairs, so Joshie followed. I guess about half way up Conner turns around and just pushes Josh down. So he fell down about 8 stairs. He is just fine, I think really it just scarred him. So, Sherry's (mom-in-law) room is right by the stairs. Since she works from home she heard it first and got mad at Kyle for not paying enough attention. That's hard because it could happen to anyone at anytime. I know it wasn't the first time he has fallen down the stairs and I'm sure it won't be the last since there is no way anyone can watch him 24/7. Sherry did apologize to Kyle for getting upset though.

Luckily the boys were pretty good last night. I tried to take them on a walk because that is like their favorite thing to do is get in the stroller. However as soon as we got to the end of the street it started raining so I had to run with the double stroller back home. But I was able to get some packing done so that was good.

Kyle didn't have to be at work until noon today. So we took advantage of the time and got some last min things for the trip to Ohio. We hurried home and Kyle had to leave right away. I try to get some things picked up around the house so we don't leave it a complete mess, but of course Conner is right behind me throwing everything back out that I just put away. Oh, he slept in the car for 20min on our way home and so wouldn't take a nap. I was going to use that time to color my hair so I don't have roots in the family pics, but that didn't happen. I tried making lunch but Conner just fed it all to the dogs when I turned around to grab something. I feed Josh and get him to sleep but then Conner came in the room and whacked him on the head which of course woke him up and he wouldn't go back to sleep.

Conner found a stash of markers and was coloring on things he should not have been. He took off his diaper that was poopy. He found a box of thumb tacks and threw them (they were clear, joy). He found a box of sugar ice cream cones, opened them and threw them so the dogs ate them. He did throw his diaper away, that was nice. I found hot wheel cars in the fridge, I sure hope he didn't take anything out and hide it so we have a nice smelly surprise sometime. I made the boys sandwichs for dinner. Josh was nicely sitting in his highchair eating his and Conner went up and took all of Joshie's pieces and fed them to the dogs. Then he was chasing the dogs while I was trying to feed Josh and myself something. Then I hear Conner screaming. I run into the other room where Larry (dad-in-law) are and grab Conner. He has blood dripping from his head. I guess he was crawling into Lola (stubborn dog) and she jumped up and growled at him pushing him backward into the entertainment center. It was dark so you couldn't really see the blood, but gee wiz, both kids are crying you would think someone might try to help. So I get the blood under control and strive with all my might to calmly ask dad to let Josh out of his highchair. So then we went back to the kitchen to finish eating. As we are I hear Sherry getting frustrated with Conner for opening the back door which doesn't have a door handle. Then Conner comes back in the kitchen and as I'm rinsing the dishes I hear "Oh NO!" from Sherry. I turned around and see Conner had found one of those jumbo Advil containers and poured it all over. There is no way he could have opened it so it must not have been on all the way. So then we are trying to pick up all the meds before Conner, Josh, or the dogs could get it. After that I am just done. So, we came upstairs and are staying her till bedtime.

I just want to say I'm grateful to be living hear, but I cannot wait until I have a place of my own again. It is so hard to share and try to constantly be watching a 1 and 2 year old in a not child proofed house. And if anything gets messed up I feel like a bad mom. One day, hopefully sooner rather then later it will happen. After Kyle gets his teaching certificate since he can't get his accounting stuff started till next fall now.

Ok, Josh just whacked his head on something. Tomorrow please come soon!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Birthday date

Ok, I just want to preface by saying I'm the best wife ever!!! and humble too, really.... So Kyle is turning 26 on Monday, however we will still be driving to Ohio on that day and how unfun is that? Kyle also works all day Thurs. Fri. and Sat. so obviously we couldn't do anything those days. So I asked him if we could do a "birthday dinner" on Wed. since my volunteering with the horses is off for the next 2 weeks and I didn't need to go. I kept asking where he wanted to go to eat but he wouldn't make up his mind. I tried to guide him to go closer or at least on the way to down town Dallas. I said we always did stuff in/around Plano and we should do something different for his birthday. So he finally picked a steakhouse in the West End (downtown Dallas, lots of good food!) So we just placed our food orders and had our bread and drinks when I pull out the first gift I had cleverly hidden in my purse without him knowing. We had agreed that he wouldn't be getting anything but a nice dinner/date for his birthday since we were leaving for OH soon. So that I even had a gift surprised him. I got him the newest book by Dan Brown. He really likes that author and it gives me the opportunity to read it too. So after we eat our salad but before the main course I pull out another gift. A phone cover to protect his phone from sticky fingers. He liked it and called me a turkey for getting him anything. Our steaks were ssoooo good. I tried to be good and got the 6oz fillet Mignon while Kyle got the 16oz sirloin!! they were both amazing!!! After that I gave him the 3rd gift which was the Dallas Mavericks newest blue jersey. He was sossososos excited!!Then our waiter brought a little cake with a candle (he was a really great guy) and after Kyle made a wish I asked him what he wished for and he said, "I wish you have to Mavs tickets in your purse" So I pull out the envelope and say, " your wish is my command!" He was so excited!! For you see Kyle had been trying to get tickets but I kept coming up with excuses of why we couldn't get them. He nearly messed up the surprise a few times, but it all worked out and was great!!The game was awesome! We won by 5 points in overtime!! So the birthday was a hit and I'm a great wife!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I love the Doggie Back Pack!

So we recently started training all three of our dogs. Meg, a pit bull mix, Lola a chocolate lab, and Bear a black lab. I was sick of Meg and now Bear going crazy when they see another dog. I'm sick of Meg and Lola going after each other. I'm tired of the dogs going crazy if, heaven forbid someone knocks on the door, and a million other things they do. So, I contacted a dog trainer and have started the dogs on lessons. I take them once a week. Last week was the first time and I had all three of them. They are all at different levels. Lola will follow commands if you have food, but if you don't good luck with even getting her to acknowledge your existence. Then Meg will do what you want but not if an unknown dog is within 2 states and Bear is just so spastic he doesn't even know the "sit" command. So, that first training was, lets say, interesting. I worked with the dogs every day with the "sit" and "leave it" commands. They are doing pretty well, and surprisingly Bear is the best. Probably because he is the youngest and most impressionable.

Today was the 2nd lesson and it went great! The trainer only wanted me to bring Meg and Lola this time. By the end of the lesson Meg was able to follow her commands with an unknown dog sitting not 3 feet away!! Hallelujah!! In the 3 years of owning her I don't think she has ever and I mean ever done that! She was even able to walk next to another unknown dog without trying to kill it!!

So the trainer gave me a Doggie Back Pack to use for the next couple of weeks. Basically it is a pack that you fill with water bottles and it makes the dog feel like they are on a mission so they are better at walks. And I tell you what, that works!! Meg didn't try to chase after the rabbits that are everywhere here. She even sat while a dog was sitting there barking at her! She didn't pull or tug, she just walked right next to me! Bear did a great job too! He usually goes back and forth and back and forth. He has to get dizzy. He is so spastic! But even he walked right next to me and didn't pull! Whose dogs are these!!! Anyone who has ever met our dogs knows what a HUGE deal this is. We still have a long way to go before they are all the "perfect" dog, but we are a lot closer then we were even just last week.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Can't a mom poop in peace?

Why is it, whenever I have to go the bathroom is the exact time when both boys need me? I always try to get them occupied doing something, but I swear they know! They both start crying hysterically and bang on the door until I open it. Most of the time it's as soon as I walk in the bathroom so I always just let them in and have an audience. Haha... I get handed all the toilet paper rolls and the cabinet door get slammed and the toilet paper already on the roll gets unrolled. Then as soon as I stand up its a rush to put the lid down before little fingers get there first. Ewww... so, what used to be a time to sit and read has become almost a three-ring circus. I'm glad the kids won't remember this at all, at least I hope not! Maybe in a little bit I will have my time to go to the bathroom without any interruptions, but until then I will have to make the best of it....

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Wow, I can't believe it's November! Time really does go faster the older you get! Everything changes so fast it's amazing. Josh is now strictly walking, and he isn't yet 11 months. He also has 5 teeth. 3 on top, 2 on bottom. A 4th on top is about to break through too. Conner has figured out how to open doors for real now. Sometimes he would open them on accident, he never figured out how to turn the handle all the way, but 2 days ago, he figured it out, and it has been his mission to open and close every door in the house! What scares me is he has opened the front door too, so we got more child proofing things. Hopefully at least a few more months until he figures that out too.

Halloween was a blast! Conner had a great time. He wanted to go to every house!!!! For some reason when he wants something he asks for it in a high pitched voice. Like juice, cheese, please. all in a high pitch voice. So when learning TRICK OR TREAT he would say it in a high voice and it sounded more like tweet tweet. It was so cute!! We are actually going to be starting speach therapy with Conner next week. He just isn't talking as much as he should for his age so hopefully this will help.

We leave for Ohio 2 weeks from tomorrow!! I'm not looking forward to the drive there with both kids in the car, but it will be great to be there!!! We get to see family, and eat great food. What is better then that?!?!?! I can't wait, good things lay ahead!