Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I love the Doggie Back Pack!

So we recently started training all three of our dogs. Meg, a pit bull mix, Lola a chocolate lab, and Bear a black lab. I was sick of Meg and now Bear going crazy when they see another dog. I'm sick of Meg and Lola going after each other. I'm tired of the dogs going crazy if, heaven forbid someone knocks on the door, and a million other things they do. So, I contacted a dog trainer and have started the dogs on lessons. I take them once a week. Last week was the first time and I had all three of them. They are all at different levels. Lola will follow commands if you have food, but if you don't good luck with even getting her to acknowledge your existence. Then Meg will do what you want but not if an unknown dog is within 2 states and Bear is just so spastic he doesn't even know the "sit" command. So, that first training was, lets say, interesting. I worked with the dogs every day with the "sit" and "leave it" commands. They are doing pretty well, and surprisingly Bear is the best. Probably because he is the youngest and most impressionable.

Today was the 2nd lesson and it went great! The trainer only wanted me to bring Meg and Lola this time. By the end of the lesson Meg was able to follow her commands with an unknown dog sitting not 3 feet away!! Hallelujah!! In the 3 years of owning her I don't think she has ever and I mean ever done that! She was even able to walk next to another unknown dog without trying to kill it!!

So the trainer gave me a Doggie Back Pack to use for the next couple of weeks. Basically it is a pack that you fill with water bottles and it makes the dog feel like they are on a mission so they are better at walks. And I tell you what, that works!! Meg didn't try to chase after the rabbits that are everywhere here. She even sat while a dog was sitting there barking at her! She didn't pull or tug, she just walked right next to me! Bear did a great job too! He usually goes back and forth and back and forth. He has to get dizzy. He is so spastic! But even he walked right next to me and didn't pull! Whose dogs are these!!! Anyone who has ever met our dogs knows what a HUGE deal this is. We still have a long way to go before they are all the "perfect" dog, but we are a lot closer then we were even just last week.

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kati b said...

holy guacamole! this is great stuff! i am so excited you guys are doing this for the dogs! will you explain the doggie back pack to me, though? meg actually wears something with water bottles in it and it calms her down? what the? anyway, that is really awesome! go sarah!