Thursday, November 19, 2009

Birthday date

Ok, I just want to preface by saying I'm the best wife ever!!! and humble too, really.... So Kyle is turning 26 on Monday, however we will still be driving to Ohio on that day and how unfun is that? Kyle also works all day Thurs. Fri. and Sat. so obviously we couldn't do anything those days. So I asked him if we could do a "birthday dinner" on Wed. since my volunteering with the horses is off for the next 2 weeks and I didn't need to go. I kept asking where he wanted to go to eat but he wouldn't make up his mind. I tried to guide him to go closer or at least on the way to down town Dallas. I said we always did stuff in/around Plano and we should do something different for his birthday. So he finally picked a steakhouse in the West End (downtown Dallas, lots of good food!) So we just placed our food orders and had our bread and drinks when I pull out the first gift I had cleverly hidden in my purse without him knowing. We had agreed that he wouldn't be getting anything but a nice dinner/date for his birthday since we were leaving for OH soon. So that I even had a gift surprised him. I got him the newest book by Dan Brown. He really likes that author and it gives me the opportunity to read it too. So after we eat our salad but before the main course I pull out another gift. A phone cover to protect his phone from sticky fingers. He liked it and called me a turkey for getting him anything. Our steaks were ssoooo good. I tried to be good and got the 6oz fillet Mignon while Kyle got the 16oz sirloin!! they were both amazing!!! After that I gave him the 3rd gift which was the Dallas Mavericks newest blue jersey. He was sossososos excited!!Then our waiter brought a little cake with a candle (he was a really great guy) and after Kyle made a wish I asked him what he wished for and he said, "I wish you have to Mavs tickets in your purse" So I pull out the envelope and say, " your wish is my command!" He was so excited!! For you see Kyle had been trying to get tickets but I kept coming up with excuses of why we couldn't get them. He nearly messed up the surprise a few times, but it all worked out and was great!!The game was awesome! We won by 5 points in overtime!! So the birthday was a hit and I'm a great wife!!

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