Saturday, November 21, 2009

I need a vacation!

I don't think this day could be any longer.... it's only 6:40pm and it feels like it should be midnight at least. I just try to keep telling myself, we are leaving tomorrow, we are leaving tomorrow. Really everything started yesterday. Kyle has had to be working doubles most of the week so between shift yesterday I needed a little break from the kids. I love them a lot but everyone needs a ten min. break once in a while right? So I go to the bank and then put gas in the car. When I get home I notice that Kyle has the kids upstairs and Josh is just crying and crying. So of course I pick him right up and he calms down, but I come to find out that Kyle was eating some lunch downstairs while catching up on his sports. Meanwhile Conner started climbing up the stairs, so Joshie followed. I guess about half way up Conner turns around and just pushes Josh down. So he fell down about 8 stairs. He is just fine, I think really it just scarred him. So, Sherry's (mom-in-law) room is right by the stairs. Since she works from home she heard it first and got mad at Kyle for not paying enough attention. That's hard because it could happen to anyone at anytime. I know it wasn't the first time he has fallen down the stairs and I'm sure it won't be the last since there is no way anyone can watch him 24/7. Sherry did apologize to Kyle for getting upset though.

Luckily the boys were pretty good last night. I tried to take them on a walk because that is like their favorite thing to do is get in the stroller. However as soon as we got to the end of the street it started raining so I had to run with the double stroller back home. But I was able to get some packing done so that was good.

Kyle didn't have to be at work until noon today. So we took advantage of the time and got some last min things for the trip to Ohio. We hurried home and Kyle had to leave right away. I try to get some things picked up around the house so we don't leave it a complete mess, but of course Conner is right behind me throwing everything back out that I just put away. Oh, he slept in the car for 20min on our way home and so wouldn't take a nap. I was going to use that time to color my hair so I don't have roots in the family pics, but that didn't happen. I tried making lunch but Conner just fed it all to the dogs when I turned around to grab something. I feed Josh and get him to sleep but then Conner came in the room and whacked him on the head which of course woke him up and he wouldn't go back to sleep.

Conner found a stash of markers and was coloring on things he should not have been. He took off his diaper that was poopy. He found a box of thumb tacks and threw them (they were clear, joy). He found a box of sugar ice cream cones, opened them and threw them so the dogs ate them. He did throw his diaper away, that was nice. I found hot wheel cars in the fridge, I sure hope he didn't take anything out and hide it so we have a nice smelly surprise sometime. I made the boys sandwichs for dinner. Josh was nicely sitting in his highchair eating his and Conner went up and took all of Joshie's pieces and fed them to the dogs. Then he was chasing the dogs while I was trying to feed Josh and myself something. Then I hear Conner screaming. I run into the other room where Larry (dad-in-law) are and grab Conner. He has blood dripping from his head. I guess he was crawling into Lola (stubborn dog) and she jumped up and growled at him pushing him backward into the entertainment center. It was dark so you couldn't really see the blood, but gee wiz, both kids are crying you would think someone might try to help. So I get the blood under control and strive with all my might to calmly ask dad to let Josh out of his highchair. So then we went back to the kitchen to finish eating. As we are I hear Sherry getting frustrated with Conner for opening the back door which doesn't have a door handle. Then Conner comes back in the kitchen and as I'm rinsing the dishes I hear "Oh NO!" from Sherry. I turned around and see Conner had found one of those jumbo Advil containers and poured it all over. There is no way he could have opened it so it must not have been on all the way. So then we are trying to pick up all the meds before Conner, Josh, or the dogs could get it. After that I am just done. So, we came upstairs and are staying her till bedtime.

I just want to say I'm grateful to be living hear, but I cannot wait until I have a place of my own again. It is so hard to share and try to constantly be watching a 1 and 2 year old in a not child proofed house. And if anything gets messed up I feel like a bad mom. One day, hopefully sooner rather then later it will happen. After Kyle gets his teaching certificate since he can't get his accounting stuff started till next fall now.

Ok, Josh just whacked his head on something. Tomorrow please come soon!!!

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