Monday, October 3, 2011


With today being Conner's birthday and seeing as how I haven't blogged since April... I thought I would do a quick blog on my big 4 yr old.

shake a tower

So yesterday between sessions I was going to go take a shower, but to be silly I told Conner I was going to shake a tower. He started laughing and said, "MOM! You can't shake a tower! Towers don't shake!"

pad flying

This happened about 2-3 months ago, but so funny it is worth blogging about. We were in sacrament meeting and Josh was having an off day, so Kyle had to take him out in the hall. I'm in the pew with Hannah and Conner, feeding Hannah a bottle. Conner is looking through the diaper bag and finds a wrapped pad in a pocket that apparently isn't as hidden as I thought. He opens it and as quietly as possible I'm trying to grab it from him. yes, this is all going on while the prayers are being said to pass the sacrament.... I am about to grab it and put it away when Conner decides if he can't have it I can't either so it throws it and it flies a few pews behind us!!! I am mortified and send Conner after it. He army crawls under the pews to retrieve it and of course little snickers are happening. So when he gets back to our pew a reach for it again and what does the little stinker do? He throws it forward this time! It lands a few pews in front of us... thank goodness it didn't land in somebody's hair and get stuck or something! But yes, our side of sacrament got to witness a flying pad that Sunday...

gotta dance

Conner loves to dance. There are quiet a few times when I ask him to do something and he says, "hang on mama, I just gotta dance first" it is super cute. He loves the song with the words "tonight's going to be a good night" he sings that all the time.

see big butt

I probably shouldn't but, when going up the stairs I tell Conner, "I see your little butt" and give him a little tap, and when I talk to all the kids I saw something like, "Come on little butts, lets go." Well, Conner has started to call me "Big Butt" he says, "mama, I see your big butt!" and taps my bumm... haha, probably need to break that habit before he goes to school...

he has gas

This happened a bit ago too. We were at Walmart....enough said :) And there was a sweet old man in one of those scooter things. Both boys were in the basket and as we were passing this man, the man started to talk to the kids. Asking their names and whatnot. Well, in the middle of the conversation his scooter made a funny noise and Conner loudly exclaims, "mom! he has gas!!" Yep, we walked quickly away after that.

clothes don't like me

I take lots of pictures of the kiddos, but the thing that is seen the most in Conner's pictures is that he is not wearing any clothes... Underwear is his preferred method of clothing and that is all. And that is probably because I make him at least wear undies. It never fails, as soon as he gets in the door he starts stripping. The one item he leaves on other then his undies are his black Lightning McQueen tennis shoes that light up when he walks. It is really funny to see him in his undies and tennis shoes, but anyway. He always has some excuse to take off his clothes, he spilled water on them, Joshie bit him, Hannah drooled on him, etc... but my favorite is when he just says, "mom, my clothes just don't like me" haha...he is so creative!

Those are the only stories I can remember right now to celebrate his first four years. He really is a funny, smart, wonderful kid and I'm excited for the next 40 years!

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Mallory said...

Love these! I am so bad at remembering all the funny stuff that Benji says. I always want to write it down, because it makes me laugh....but then I can't seem to remember exactly what it was that he said!