Saturday, November 8, 2008

So, Kyle and I just got back from the much needed trip to the temple. It is amazing how calming and peaceful the temple is, and no matter how many times you go you can still learn more. It was a completely full session, and three people were actually there taking out their own endowments, so of course all the family was there for them. It was great to remember going through my first time in Columbus. And I have a greater appreciation for Elizabeth the mother of John the Baptist when she says that her son jumps in her womb when Mary the mother of Jesus comes by. Little Josh was just going crazy inside me the whole time, and I will admit it got pretty uncomfortable, but he must have just known where he was and was so excited about it. Now, I'm super hungry, so Kyle being a wonderful husband is making us dinner, and Conner just went to bed, so I am taking advantage of the time.
Kyle and I actually found an apartment that is pretty nice and will give us our basic needs. And the best part is that it is subsidized, or however you spell that. So it is much cheaper then other places and we will have a dishwasher again!! Oh, the little things in life you don't realize how much you miss until you don't have it anymore. The boys will be sharing a pretty small room, and Conner will probably have his mattress on the floor, but the nice thing is he won't remember it!! haha... so we will find out Monday if we were approved and get to move in this week. It's a real blessing though because all the other subsidized housing is on long, and I mean long waiting lists. So, hopefully it will all work out and we can move in sooner rather then later.
Conner has been very needed lately. Maybe he is teething again... it never ends!! and we actually played a little game because he would not let anyone else other then myself hold him. So Kyle stood at the other side of the room and would take a step towards me holding Conner. As soon as Kyle took a step forward Conner would yell and whip around and grab my neck. If Kyle took a step backwards Conner would just watch him closely, and as soon as Kyle would step forward again Conner would yell and grab me again. It was pretty funny, but I will admit, it is getting really hard for me to hold him all the time now. He is getting so heavy for me, and it doesn't help my belly gets in the way. But, I know I need to enjoy this time because it is already flying by. We have so many blessings in life, and it's our job to realize how blessed we truly are.

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