Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Today I am officially 32 weeks! I haven't taked any pictures of the belly throughout this pregnancy, and fianally this morning took the first one. I almost feel guilty because I took them at least every two weeks with Conner, I guess because this isn't the first one.... and I already think I am bigger with this baby then I ever was with Conner. None of my clothes are fitting at all. I am down to only 3 shirts that fit, and 2 pairs of pants. So, obviously they just get rotated every day. Other then that, I just wear Kyle's clothes! I have a feeling that Conner is soooo good, because his little brother that will be here next month will be a handful! We are still working on the name, well kind of. Kyle really wants a Kyle Eugene Hercules Jr. However, I already mix up Kyle and Conner's name, and adding another Kyle would be crazy for me. Plus, my sister Melanie is planning on getting married to a guy named Kyle as well. So I don't think so. I really want the name to be Joshua Kenneth Hercules. So I call the baby Josh, and Kyle calls him Kyle Jr. so we may comprimise and name him Joshua Kyle. I still think if I go through the pain of labor and delivery, I should at least get to pick the name. But Kyle says he is the one blessing the baby, so he can change the name!! Oh, the joys of parenthood!! It will all work out though, and the baby's name will be Joshua!!
Conner is walking all over the place now, he hardly crawls anymore. It's pretty nice because he can entertain himself so much more. And I rotate a load of laundry and I'm just EXHAUSTED!! So, it's really hard for me to play with him all day. Poor Kyle, I put so much on him, since it's so hard for me to get anything done these days. But Kyle is the best husband, and does sooo much for us! I don't know what I would do without him. We also recently found out that my mom will be flying out Dec. 25-Jan. 5. It will be soooo great to have her help. And we will be moving during that week too, so her help couldn't come at a better time. At least Kyle will be graduating in April, and maybe we can move closer to family. It all just depends on if Kyle is hired as a seminary teacher by the church. He is doing great student teaching and I'm really excited for him. Well, Conner is getting into things he shouldn't be, so I should go, but I think I'll be blogging a lot more now that I am getting it!!


The Thalman's said...

LOL. I love that "It will all work out though, and the baby's name will be Joshua!" So funny. So, is Mel engaged now, or what? I feel so out of the loop. I DID know she was dating him though. Once again, yay for blogs! I am such an addict!

MommaC said...

What?? I didn't know that I would be helping you move!! Isn't that what the elders quarum (How do you spell that?) are for? How are you going to move when you are having a baby on 12/26? You are like a super-human-woman! As long as I get lots of Conner/Grandma Time and Joshua/Grandma Time!!

kati b said...

I'm sure he already has, but have Kyle tell you about his friend Josh from growing up, and what he called him. There were people that lived across the street, and their kids' names were Stacy and Josh. I have a feeling that Kyle won't be calling this next boy "Kyle Jr.", but will instead be calling him by the other nickname! :) Also, I think it's funny that Kyle wants a son named after him. Our Dad wanted there to be a Larry among all his grandkids -- I am sure you know this. So, why not Joshua Larry?! JK. You crack me up! Keep blogging! And I think you look fantastic!!