Thursday, January 31, 2008

Conner Joseph Hercules Birth to 4 Months

Welcome Everyone!!
We wanted to create this blog so we could keep up with everyone and allow you all to see our handsome son as often as you would like (especially you grandmas and grandpas!!
Conner is getting so big! He has learned how to use his lungs, so he loves screaming as loud as possible. He has also learned how to jump in his bouncer. It's so nice because he will jump in that thing for over and hour and wear himself out and just take a little nap in it. He always has a smile on his face and catches the girls eyes with his beautiful blue eyes! Above are Conner's first pictures with Mommy and Daddy. Below are a bunch of pictures from when he was first born all the way up to now. Enjoy!!

Conner's first bath at home. He didn't like it so much when he was first born but he LOVES his bath now!! He never wants to get out, and he loves getting mommy all wet while he is kicking and splashing.
Conner's first smile caught on camera!
Conner wants to be just like Daddy!!

What is that light that keeps flashing at me?

Me and Mommy are best friends almost as close as me and elmo!

My favorite toy, and you have to stay warm in Rexburg!!

Look at my BEAUTIFUL blue eyes!! I can't see over my highchair!!
Another picture...

Conner loves looking at his own reflection, he must know he is the best looking baby in town!!

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