Tuesday, November 9, 2010

boys vs. girls

Since I'm a master at little boys, haha, it is very different and lots of fun having a girl. However I have already noticed a major difference other then the obvious.

Eating Time

I am pretty much done nursing. Maybe it is just that fact that I only nursed Josh for 3 weeks. So, being "tied down" to nursing can be hard. I think it is great that moms do it and I know it is so healthy for mom and baby, maybe it is just my personality, but I really like having the help of other people being able to take care of baby and I don't have to do everything. Aka, I like being able to have Kyle get up and feed her at night so I can get a few more winkies....So, we are now bottle feeding Hannah. What is the difference between boys and girls then?

The boys didn't care how they got their food. As long as they got it. Hannah on the other hand, is PICKY! We tried so many different bottles. All had my pumped milk even but she wanted nothing to do with any of them. When we registered at Babies R Us they gave us a bag with different samples and coupons and stuff. We got a bottle from a company called "Born Free" I figured, why not try this one. And low and behold, she loved it!

Well, we can't use just 1 bottle all the time so I went to Walmart to get some more. Walmart didn't have them, so I tried Target. Good news: they had the bottle! Bad news: they are 10 bucks a pop!!! I only bought 3 and it was just over 30$ for the small bottles!!!! Are you kidding me! That is 2times as much as like all the other bottles. Of course she likes those! haha...

So, my little girl already has expensive taste, let's just hope she doesn't keep that with everything!!

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