Saturday, May 22, 2010

Just a Pregnancy Day

Kyle and I have a saying when I am having a ruff day, I say, "Don't worry, it's just a pregnancy day." One of those days where everyone seems to be saying the wrong things to me and I wonder, what is wrong with everyone today? Then I realize it's not them, its me! On "pregnancy days" I am much more irritable. Poor Kyle and the poor kids (luckily they shouldn't remember it! haha) My little Bell Pepper sized baby has decided to pop out a little more, so I am in all maternity clothes now, making it to 18 weeks with my 3rd child isn't bad! Lynda (my sister in law) said the other day, wow, you actually look pregnant now, even just a week ago you didn't. That's always nice knowing I don't just look pudgy anymore. Kyle tells me I now have the pregnancy glow. He tells me I look beautiful every day. I have needed to start sleeping with a pillow between my legs, it's just much more comfortable. I also had to lean the seat back a little in the car. I usually like it straight up, however now my belly gets squished so I have to lean a bit now when I sit. Kyle is working today so lets hope I can put up with this "pregnancy day" and that tomorrow is just another normal day.

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Mallory said...

OH, I had a "pregnancy day" on Friday. I pretty much cried on and off from 1pm to midnight! It was bad.

I can't believe you weren't in maternity clothes until 18 weeks!!! With this baby, I was in maternity clothes at probably 8 weeks! (Not because I looked pregnant already, but because I was so bloated that my regular clothes didn't fit!)