Saturday, May 29, 2010

Conner's First Prayer

Every night our routine is read from scriptures, brush teeth, say prayers, sing 2 song, and good night. Well we were on step 3-say prayers. Typically Kyle or I say it and the kids are really good about folding their arms. Kyle is working tonight so I was doing everything and I said the prayer. After I was done I said ok, lets sing a song. Conner says, "No mama, more prayers" I asked if he wanted to say it and he said yes. So we all folded our arms again and I waited about 10 seconds. He didn't say anything so I whispered, Heavenly Father and he repeated. I stopped and he said, "good dreams, good sleep. Daddy safe. Jesus Christ, Amen." How cute is that! It brought tears to my eyes! I love hearing what those little minds are thinking and I'm so proud of him saying his own prayers now! I was just so excited I had to blog about it before I forgot exactly what he said. Now we shall always remember Conner's very first prayer all by himself!

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Mallory said...

Yay! That is sooooo adorable! I can definitely understand why it would bring tears to your eyes! (I nearly cried just reading the post!)