Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's a GIRL!!!

We just go back from the doctor's office this morning where we had a sonogram and true to my kids nature, she was not ashamed to bare it all! He legs were wide open and nothing hanging in the middle, haha. But other then that exciting news, she looks completely healthy. He heart and lungs and brain looked normal. She was sucking her thumb and kicking her legs like crazy. The lady doing it was like, wow, you have an active baby. I was like, I know, I feel her. Kyle was excited to see her kicking so much and thinks she is just practicing her soccer kicks!! She is exactly the right size for being 20 weeks and I have gained 11 lbs in total, so I'm still on track. Now I just can't wait to go shopping!!! Kyle took the car to work today I think on purpose so I can't drain our account while he is gone, haha.

I did want to post also about the "Energy Testing" I did. I always thought this baby was a girl and the energy testing proved it, and the sonogram confirmed it once again. The theory behind Energy Testing is that your body cannot lie. Your mind can and that's how we are able to lie, but our body's can't. So to preform the test, you stand with one of your arms out and have a partner ready. You make a statement (pregnancy example) "I am having a boy." Continue stating this and have your partner start putting pressure on your arm. Then repeat the process by saying the opposite statement, "I am having a girl." Continue saying this with your partner putting pressure on your arm. One of the statements is true and the other is false. The one that is true your body will know is the truth and you will be able to withstand the pressure from your partner on your arm longer and easier. When you say the false statement, your body is weaker because you are not telling the truth (and you may not even know you're not!) It is really incredible! You can practice by using it on your self first, ex "I am a boy/girl" to notice the difference in feeling before asking harder questions. I know of doctors that use this technique to diagnose patients and parents who use this to get the truth out of their kids since they won't be able to lie!! haha... Anyway, give it a try and let me know what you think! It's pretty cool!

I just thought these pics were really cute! They are so excited to have a little sister!!!


Mallory said...

I'll have to have Scotty try the energy testing with me tonight. He usually doesn't put much faith in those sort of tests, but it will be fun. We did a test called the "pencil test" with a friend of ours that is supposed to say how many kids you are having, and what gender they will be. You tie a pencil to a string close to the eraser so the tip is pointing down. Then someone else holds the pencil over your wrist (while you hold your arm out, palm up). The person lets the tip just barely touch your wrist, and then they lift it again. The different swirls and sways of the pencil tell you all the information, until the pencil stops moving. I can't remember what movements mean what, though. It is supposed to work in reaction to the energy that your body emits or something. According to that, we are only going to have two kids, first a boy, then a girl. We got the boy part down already. I'm just not thinking that we will only end up with two kids! :D

Mubeen said...

I'm soo happy for you! I know you are SUPER EXCITED! Is it still Hannah?