Friday, May 21, 2010

Swimming Picutes

We bought 3 month passes to the Plano Parks and Recreation Centers. The one we are at here is the one we usually go to because they have great pools! Here is our little family taking a dip.

Conner for some reason really loved wearing the life jacket, and every time we go he grabs the blue one for him and the yellow one for Josh. I should probably thank Dora the Explorer for that since that is always what he quotes when he puts it on, "life jackets so we can be safe!"

Conner has said some pretty funny things lately. He has recently discovered his love for the movie Finding Nemo. At the very beginning of the movie it shows the plant that Nemo and his father live in. Conner always says "look mama french fries! French fries in the ocean!" is too funny!

Joshie wasn't sure about the slide at all.

Here is the kids part. However, the water splashes off the stairs and things it is right at the height were it hits the kids eyes so they don't like playing on it yet.

Both boys crashed afterward, that's the best part!

The boys really can read for hours! They love reading their books. Their favorite is a book called This Truck. Conner has it memorized! He sounds so smart when he reads it! Conner is also going through a phase right now where he will repeat everything he says over and over and over again until you repeat him back. Ex. "mommy, i want chocolate milk, mommy i want chocolate milk, mommy i want chocolate milk." "ok Conner I will get it for you." "mommy I want chocolate milk (over and over untill..)" "Conner you want chocolate milk?" "yes thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks" "your welcome Conner" For everything he says you have to repeat it or he will keep saying it! At least he is talking though!


The Carneys said...

Wow Conner is looking more like a little boy than a toddler... I cant believe he's almost 3! Crazy!

Mubeen said...

Cute pictures!