Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Computers: Blessing or Curse?

In January of 2009 Kyle and I head off to Walmart and buy a $400 Dell desk top computer. We each had a laptop going into the marriage, but alas, they passed away and so we bought a desktop. This computer was working fine till one day about 3 months ago it got a really bad virus and we had a computer guy come in and after 8 hours of him being here he fixed it. He was supposed to bill us $100, but even after 3 months we have yet to receive anything from him... anyway, the computer was fine after that. Well, about 2 weeks ago the dang thing locked up and we couldn't log on. Computer mistake 101 only having one user account (make sure you have at least 2 users!!) Anyway, we took it to Office Depot since we had a "free inspection" thing and the guy said we needed to order a recovery disk. Joy. So, I call Dell to order this disk that would erase everything on the computer, and smart me didn't have anything backed up... I'm on the phone, and by now you can probably tell I know NOTHING about computers. So trying to understand what this guy was asking was crazy, add in that he hardly knew English, and it became that much better. Well, he said I didn't need a recovery disk but I needed to buy the warranty. Long story short, after $250 for a warranty, 4 different techs (nobody could fix it till I spoke with the "expert tech" who thankfully knew the most English), and 5 1/2 hours of me sitting on the computer trying to figure out what they wanted me to do, I am happy to report that our computer is fixed!!! And, with the 2 year warranty we shouldn't have to pay for anything for it at least for 2 years. After everything we have had to do though, we may as well have bought a new computer, and then you add in paying for Internet..... gee wiz! So it got me to thinking is this contraption a blessing or a curse? And honestly, it is both. I would say the blessing out way the curses though. And now I can blog again!

I'm 26 weeks pregnant now. And everything seems to be going well. She moves and wiggles a lot! About a week ago I was lying on the couch with Conner between my legs and his head on my belly. We were watching the Lion King (Conner's new favorite movie) and Hannah kicked and it happened to be right where Conner's head was. He sat up turned around and said, "HEY!" I was like, it wasn't me! It was your sister! haha, super cute.

We are moving in 1 week. And right now I am grateful that most of our stuff is packed. I try to get at least one box packed a day and it really wears me out. Who knows how long it will take to unpack with how exhausted I get so easily. But it will be worth it!

Conner is doing major potty training right now. He has worn big boy underwear for the past 5 days, and is really doing well. He has mastered going pee-pee. We are still working on the poop part. He gets it most of the time, but has slipped up 2 or 3 times. But hey, it's much better then changing diapers all day like I still do for Josh. And there is just something about seeing Conner run away with Lightning McQueen or Buzz and Woody on his little butt that is just so stinking cute! I just want to pinch his little butt cheeks all the time. haha.... I will have to post a picture!

Joshie is talking more and more. He can say every one's name in our little family. My favorite is when he says Conner. It come out like "Cor-er" but at least he is trying. He also likes to say "re, se, go" (ready, set, go) and chase after Conner. His first Spanish word is Ca-Ca. So anytime, he has a diaper change he repeats it. And he knows he gets the biggest laugh from it so when the whole family is over he is sure to say it to get all the attention. Thanks Kyle, for teaching him that! He loves playing with Conner, and he loves playing in the nursery. It's fun to see their little games they play together and how the little wheels are turning in their heads. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful family!


Mallory said...

I didn't know you were having computer problems. You should have asked Scotty to fix it for you when we were down there! (Unless it was fine when we were there, I guess you wouldn't have thought you needed anyone to fix it!)

I'm trying to potty train Benji right now, and it's discouraging. He won't poop at all. He went almost two days without pooping, until he had a diaper on...then he pooped. But he loves to pee in the toilet. (And I totally agree with thinking toddler butts in underwear are so cute. I always want to pinch Benji's butt cheeks, too!!!)

I had to ask Scotty what "ca-ca" meant in Spanish. He said it is a swear word for poop! LOL. Then he explained it is swear word in the same way that "hell" is, that when used properly, it really isn't -that- bad. But he said it's a word he doesn't use! That definitely makes it all that much funnier that Josh says it!!! :D

Good luck with your move! Don't wear yourself out too much, if you can help it! Luckily, once you unpack all the necessaries, like dishes and clothes, you can take as much time as you need to get the rest unpacked!

Hercules Family said...

Well, Kyle has always told me that in Paraguay CaCa is the only word they have to poop, and that it is not a swear word. I just looked it up online and it pretty much said the same thing, that it literally translates to poop. However, Hispanic parents will use the word to describe things that their kids should not touch, so I guess if you are using it in that way then I can see how it may translate into a swear word in English. But seeing as how we only use it to say poop, I think we will be safe in the next life! haha!! And we weren't having computer problems while you guys were here or we really would have asked, aw well, maybe next time. Good luck with Benji!

alma and nicole smith said...

bummer...you should get a mac :) good luck recovering all your stuff!

Ailinh Harris said...

Suckie for the computer problem! Glad you got it all fixed now so I can read your cute post. :) I can't believe how big your boys are getting! I hope all goes well with your moving!

(p.s. my word verification is: turding--haha, kinda goes with the potty training section..)