Wednesday, September 9, 2009


We have recently discovered how fun the park is! Luckily we live just a couple blocks from a little park that the kids just LOVE! We were going there really often when I could just through the kids in the stoller and walk there, but then with the blood clots I wasn't able to go. Now thankfully we have rediscovered the joy that comes with going to the park. Both boys love the swings the most. And Conner loves the slides. I think he likes going because he always seems to make new friends there too.

Conner is such a daredevil though it makes me nervous. He just isn't afraid of anything. He nearly walked off the top of this playground without even thinking about it. Maybe that means he won't be afraid of heights. But man, I'll have gray hair by the time I'm 30!

Anything Conner sees anyone do, he wants to do also. For example, today after changing his diaper Kyle threw the dirty diaper at me. He bent down to change Josh and I through it and nearly hit Kyle's head. Conner thought it was so funny, he just kept throwing the stinky diapers around... hahaha... it was pretty funny, but he just copies EVERYTHING!!!!

Conner is also getting so good at saying more words. His cutest words are bubbles, horse, and pasta. I can point at Josh and say, who is that? And Conner says brother Josh. It really comes out budda jos but hey it's super cute.

For some reason all of a sudden stopped liking to eat the crust of bread... I don't know why. He used to be able to eat a whole sandwich, but now he eats around the crust and feeds the crust to the dogs. Maybe he has always done that and I never noticed... but I truly think he just stopped for some reason, just like he did with rasins, one day he loved them, the next day, not so much. Weird kid...

Joshie is just as cute as can be! He is standing all by himself really often now. He claps his hands while he is standing, but just hasn't figured out the walking thing yet. That's fine with me, he can wait. Luckily he doesn't spit up nearly as much! He does drool a lot still though. He has his 2 bottom teeth and they are so cute!! He has these huge smiles that light up a room. The only time he isn't smiling is if he is hungry or tired. That kid can eat too!! He has 6 containers of the stage 2 foods plus his formula! He is 20 lbs!! but he is still well withen a healthy weight group so more power to him!!

Kyle is still waiting tables, but he is planning on going back to school come January to get his masters. So, we are waiting on the acceptance letter.... He loves playing with the kids though. Anytime he gets on the floor the boys both tackle him! Men, we need a little girl to even things out I think...eventually.

I'm healing well. My blood levels still aren't perfect, but much better, it's really just a guessing game to get it right. I can do a lot more now which is so nice. And I get to enjoy being with my kids all day. I do read A LOT! I just finished the whole Work and the Glory series in 3 months and re-read the Twilight Saga. Plus a few other books in between. I really enjoy reading, I hope my kids will too.

My sister Melanie and I are in a competition with each other. Basically we can't eat sugar, and if one of us messes up, we owe the other one 100$ So, it really isn't that bad I don't think. The first couple of days were the hardest, but now its really not the worst thing. We are in a contest until Thanksgiving. It's only 3 months right?!?! And the best part is, Kyle is doing it too! He hasn't cheated once so I'm super proud of him!

If all goes right, we will be in Ohio for Thanksgiving and that will be fun to be with my side of the family again. It's really nice to be so close to family. We didn't have that in Idaho, but here in Texas it is a blessing. It's funny thinking back to a year ago and remembering where we were and what we were doing. We were still housing managers, I was still pregnant, and Kyle was starting up school again along with his crazy hour jobs. Wow, life moves quickly! But it sure is wonderful when we are so blessed!


Melody said...

I didn't realize you all were in Texas! That's crazy!

Your kids are so cute. It's been a long time since I've updated, but hopefully I'll find the time today!

Mallory said...

I love reading all about your family. It is crazy how we are all growing up (and Grant is getting married in a couple months, so all the older cousins will have families of their own!)

PS-I like the new look on your blog!