Friday, September 11, 2009


Wow I can't believe it has been 8 years since 9/11. I'm sure everyone remembers where they were when those planes hit the Twin Towers. The news was saying that over 58,000 people worked in those towers, and only 3,000 were killed, don't get me wrong that's still a lot, but what a blessing it wasn't worse! I'm so grateful to be an American and to live in this wonderful country. I'm so blessed to be here.

Anyway, Joshie is having one of those days where no body is good enough except for mom. I can't put him down without him crying, Kyle can't hold him without him crying. And he loves to pull my hair! OUCH!! It's a good thing he is so cute and I guess it is building up my arm muscles... I can't have the last name Hercules and be a weakling!! haha... it still makes it hard to do anything when you have a 8 month old 20lb baby in your arm at all times!

I'm planning Conner's 2nd birthday party! I can't believe my little baby he just doesn't stop growing! We are doing a Cars themed party. He loves the movie!! He could watch it every day all day. I think I have all the lines memorized! He was so excited when I showed him the invitations. I figure cupcakes will be better with a bunch of 2 year olds rather then cake so I ordered Cars cupcake holder things and little toppers with Lightning McQueen on them. I'm so excited to see his face with all the decorations! Of course like the whole nursery is invited!! It's going to be so fun. His birthday happens to be on conference weekend so we are doing a bbq between sessions. I figure that would be great because everyone eats lunch during then anyway. I just hope he handles it well. He is still taking 5 hour long naps from 1pm-6pm. So I hope he isn't a grump, but he'll enjoy it anyway!!

Tonight's Ward Temple Night, but Kyle is working and I don't have a babysitter or a car, so I think we are going in the morning. I hope that still counts!! haha... I haven't been to the temple since getting out of the Hospital, so I'm really excited to go. I know I can handle it now, I am much healthier.

So since I can't take birth control anymore and I really don't want 18 kids my cousin Mallory has introduced me to the FAM for of natural birth control. It is incredibly interesting and I have already learned so much more about my body. I don't think as women, we truly know as much about how wonderful our bodies are and it is a smart thing to learn. So I'm excited to see how it goes!! Well, Joshie is sitting in my lap and it is getting harder to type, at least I had a few minutes to myself. Oh the life of a mother, but I wouldn't have it any other way!!

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Mallory said...

Whoa! I totally wasn't expecting to see my name pop up at the bottom of this post! I'm really glad that you have appreciated learning about FAM, though.