Friday, September 25, 2009


Well both Conner, Joshie, and myself aren't feeling 100%. We all have runny noses, sneezing, coughing, the works. Joshie has had a temp, but his top teeth are about to pop out so I am assuming that is what it's from. It can be hard to not feel great and still be a mom. But what can you do about it. Being a mom is one job you can't call in sick for. Luckily Kyle only has to work the dinner shift tonight and he even made me breakfast in bed! What a great husband!! So, hopefully by tonight we will all be feeling better.

Wed. I started my first official day as a volunteer for Equest, the therapeutic horse ranch. It was so cool! For the class I worked with a horse name Amigo and the rider was named Nancy. Nancy was mostly an independent rider so I just walked alongside in case her foot slid out of the stirrup. Then I got to put Amigo away. I cleaned out his feet for the first time. I have always been afraid of their legs, maybe from when I was kicked, but I was up close and personal with Amigo and he was great! He is a beautiful horse and very friendly. The best part is he understands both Spanish and English! After grooming him I needed to get ready for the next class I was helping with. So I helped get Princess Buttercup ready. This class is for 5-6 year old girls and they are sssoooo cute in their riding gear! The little pink helmets and riding pants with their black knee high riding boots. Too cute! I worked with a little girl named Emma and a pony named Katina. Katina was a little more high maintenance. Maybe because she was smaller and felt intimidated, I don't know. After cleaning her off I got to go into all the stalls and check the water and let the horses windows open. So I got to meet them all! Equest has 30 horses, over 300 riders and 29 acres of land. It really is an amazing facility and does wonders for their riders. Most of them have very little Independence other then when they are on the horse (Nancy was in a wheel chair, so the only "walking" she does is on the horse). I was totally exhausted though afterward. But luckily my feet didn't hurt at all because I have nice boots! I hope to be able to take lessons soon, but there is a waiting list so we will see when I am able to. Now the hard question is if I'm going to stick with Western and learn how to barrel and rope, or switch to English and learn how to jump? decisions decisions...

Kyle and I got to go on our date this past Tuesday. We received 2 free tickets to the Dallas Starz game. So we grabbed a bite to eat before hand then headed down town for the game. It was AWSOME!! Neither of us have gone to a pro-hockey game before. the atmosphere was great and even though the Starz lost 3-1 it was still a really fun date! Maybe kyle will get a job with a sports team and we can have many more dates like this one... that would be great!!

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