Thursday, January 17, 2013

Half Way through January

The half way point is always exciting, it means you have made it to the top of the hill and now you are on your way down.  They say that it takes 21 days to create a habit so I'm nearly there and overall I am pretty proud of the changes I have made.  We have read our scriptures every day as a family and had real FHEs each week.  I have personally read my scriptures every day, as well as read ahead of time the scriptures/lessons for Sunday School and RS.  I have been really good at praying every night, but I'm still working on getting a moment to myself in the morning.  I write 5 things I am grateful for everyday in my gratitude journal. I have cut out all sugar and pop from my diet.  I am typically in bed by 9:30 or 10 and up at 5:30 or 7 (depending on if I'm running that day).  Which brings me to my next point, things I haven't been, or I feel I haven't been ABLE to do.  I have made it through the first 2 weeks of the couch to 5k program and even though I don't consider myself a runner I always feel better after I go.  What I mean by not being able is the fact that my 3 month old still doesn't sleep through the night... I know I have written about that before, and maybe it's because all my other kids were sleeping through the night by this point.  But for example last night I was in bed by 9:30, up with Kevin from 1-3, finally back to bed, Kyle gets up with him at 4:30, my alarm goes off at 5:30 to run, but I have Kyle go back to bed since he didn't get to sleep till after 11.  So I'm sitting here writing this blog and holding Kevin instead of running getting in some time to myself....And the other area I have been wanting to improve in is piano.  I love getting to play and I love having a piano!  The hard thing is whenever I get a moment to sit down and play ALL 3 older kids suddenly have an interest and want to play too.  It makes it very hard playing the notes I want to with 8 hands on the keys:) We have a little 3 bedroom house all one story so it's not like I can play at night when they go to bed. So I'm still trying to figure things out there.

So overall like I said I feel like I'm doing the really important stuff better, but it is the things that I would really like to do but involves no children (exercise and piano) that have not been happening as often as I would like.  Maybe at this point I need to just be ok with that and realize that is just where my life is right now and one day I won't have any babies to keep me from running and I will wish I had that excuse:) I really like checking off what I did for the day and seeing where I am.  I do feel better overall and I feel like I'm a better mom.

Well I finally got Kevin back to sleep at 6, but here comes Conner strolling out of his room so it looks like whether I'm ready, well rested or not, it's time to start the day!

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