Friday, February 3, 2012

Joshua Kyle

Oh the poor middle child... yes Joshua's birthday was December 15 and I am just now getting around to writting a little blog about him, and it is Feb...

Joshua is such a great little guy! I always smile when I see him. He lights up a room with the cutest smile. He is so loving and laid back. He loves to cuddle with his mommy, but he is also just fine taking his cars and playing by himself. We tease that he always has cars in his hands. When he wakes up he comes downstairs with cars in his hands, and when he goes back up to bed there are still cars in his hands. He just loves to carry as many as he can, which obviously means he can't play with them all, he just likes to hold them. It's so funny.

We is almost 100% potty trained! We are still working on #2 every day, but he is really doing his best and he always tells us he needs to go potty, which is great! It is amazing not having to buy dieapers all the time!

He is probably our least picky eater, and in some ways, our least needy kid. He really does just go with the flow. Very opposite of how he was as a baby. He loves playing with Conner. They are best friends and worst enemies. Josh is the best sleeper even telling us when it is time for bed:) and he loves baths!

Joshie still kind of looks like a "Who" with his upper lip being bigger, but he makes it look so cute (I admit I was a little worried when he was born b/c he was funny looking... but now he is so cute!) The nursery leaders even said he was their favorite, of course being the only boy may have had a hand in that....I love this little man so much and I can't wait to see what a great man he will turn into.

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