Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

I just love looking at other people's pictures so I figure people like looking at mine too!! Our family went to a pumpkin patch this past week and it was great. In Texas it has rained every day during the month of October except for 2 whole days...yes, I'm actually in feels like that anyway. So it was finally not raining so we took advantage of it. Well, it may not have been raining, but it sure was cold, for Texas anyway, and super, super muddy!

The pumpkin patch was about 30 min. away, but worth the drive.

We almost got stuck in the mud in the parking lot, but thanks to Kyle learning how to drive in the snow, he used those techniques to get us a good parking spot without getting stuck at all! I knew there was a reason we lived in Idaho!! haha

Just a little plug, I have recently started weight watchers and have lost 9lbs in the first 2 weeks!! Making my total since moving to Texas a total loss of 16lbs!! It feels great! I love being able to wear pants I haven't been able to in a while. But more then that, I love feeling healthy!!

This is Conner feeding the longhorn at the patch. I thought he would be scared of them, but he has no fear.

This is Conner's pumpkin. He is still carrying it around the house!

By the end, Conner was done with the pumpkin patch, so he was crying, but we had a great time overall with the tractor ride, feeding cows, goats, and sheep, and picking our pumpkins.

Our little family! We love being together, especially since Kyle is working 2 jobs now, trying to get us financially ready to get him back to school. So, we may not see him a lot, but when we do we try to have a good time together.

Conner and Josh feel right asleep in the car. Don't you love his socks? He is so stylish! Life is great! I love my family!!!


Mubeen said...

So fun and so cute! You look great!

Mallory said...

My best friend just started weight watchers too. I don't want to have to pay any money to lose weight...just in case it doesn't work out. But I have been cutting my portions and trying to exercise more. Of course, to get to my goal weight I have to lose like 50lbs. I'll see if it works!